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    If not, perhaps he's preparing to attend a fancy brunch somewhere. :wink:

    PB, back when Blossom went to the vet, Annie (cat) went along too. She'd been having some trouble with sneezing/mucus, etc. and it was time for her rabies vaccination.

    In my area, a lot of cats had this same problem....beginning in the autumn, and progressing when the temps first went down into the 20s.

    She was prescribed amoxicillin (She's 8 and never had to take it before; I'll go with a PILL next time! Why don't they make that in an appealing flavor for animals? Cats don't LIKE bubblegum. :confused2:)

    Anyhow......she took that for ten days and went back to being her old self. This was about 5 weeks ago.

    Yesterday, I heard her sneeze three different times (just once each time) and was concerned that the problem was returning. I thought of giving her a few more doses of the amoxicillin, which has remained in the fridge.

    My questions are: Why does the antibiotic state on the label, "MUST be discarded after 14 days"? Will it no longer be effective? Will it cause harm to my pet?

    I know its original form is powder.....regarding that, the label says "expires 2010".
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    Be back later to talk, heading out the door to go to the Y and try and kill myself on the elliptical machine, the treadmill and weight reps, also to look at the girls in those cute gym suits.

    Later, John.

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    John to much eye exercise can be rough. Eat some extra carrots:smile2:
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    Carrots help my eyes. Makes it dangerous don't really want to see myself better in the mirror.


    Amoxicillin powder when suspended in water and bubblegum flavors is only stable at most 3 weeks, less if you don't refrigerate it. It won't cause any harm if you should give it, it just won't be effective.

    Powdered amoxicillin is virtually good forever, if kept dry.

    Most amoxicillin is bought in powder form in those little bottles and reconstituted when dispensed. Sometimes you do that at home.

    Liquid medication (amoxicillin) in syrup form will have a shelf life up to a year, but it eventually goes sour to.

    I understand the cat don't like the taste. Often a lot of the problems with any liquid meds with cats is they just don't like the liquid fact of anything. Pilling them if yiu are quick and have a good cat is the best way to go.

    I found if you mix the dose with some yogurt the cat make eat it by itself or it is easier to get down if you have to physically do it.

    I doubt the problem she had 5 weeks ago is the same thing. That was propably seasonal or environmental and not buggy. Although it is possible with dryness from heat in the house or house dust with dryness (low humidity) or what was occuring going into the fall that you experienced.