is it worth what you pay for it?

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  1. Redd

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    I perfer big ugly sticks to do my catfishin', but I ran into another rod that looks as if it's as good as the ugly stick. It's called a "whuppin' stik" and I found it in a cabelas fishing catalog. They're pretty cheap, but I've found you usually get what you pay for, with few exceptions. The one that appealed to me the most was an 8 foot Heavy action casting rod with 14-50 lb test line capacity. It also says a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about "advanced polymer technology that greatly enhances the strength of the fiberglass blank" It has a twist-lock reel seat and stainless steel guide frames. If you could explain what all that means, that'd help me out too. lol, as I am illiterate to the "enhanced fishing rod technology" vocabulary:embarassed:. Anyways, any info would help. Thanks a lot. And tight lines to all.

  2. ohiohawghunter45067

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    they are pretty decent rods. freind of mine has one. but i cant give any comparison against ugly sticks imm not a fan of them at all.

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    They are ok, but I don't like two piece rods.
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    advanced polmer teck = the resion "glue that holds all fo the fiber glass fibers together" is difrent [how i dont know]
    twist lock reel seat = dont quote me on this but i think its the reel seat that
    has a sliding metal ring with a plastick nut that slides over the reel foot
    stanlis steel guyed frames = the guydes are made out of stanless steel a metal that dosent corroed
    alright thats all i can say with out more info :0a26: