is it to cold to be fishing at night yet?

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  1. skipjack1984

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    i have been doing alot of night fishing and havent had a good night yet any paticular techniques for this time of year somebody plz help me lol im pulling my hair out:smile2:
  2. Swampfox.

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    I .was having the same problem at one point, and got tired of coming home after many hours of bank fishing at nite with zip. May have had only gar bites all nite. somtimes it would seem like the only thing biting was gar only. well i decided to reseagorch catfish cycles and habits. catfish are driven by moon cycles and barometric pressure. goto onthe web and check out the moon cycles then go during the "prime time",try this newmoon coming up on the 24-25th of april. if fishing at nite go from 10:30pm to about 1:30am on the 24th.then try 12:00-2:00pm on the25th. you should catch a mess.

  3. lforet2002

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    I agree with you on your assessment about the mooncycles and pressure..I typically plan my trips around these times..But I go fishing whenever I can regardless of conditions..Most of the places I have been fishing are in shallow water 5-7 ft. deep and yes it seems to be too cold for the cats to bite..In the middle of a sunny day 3 weeks ago the water temp was 55 and didn't catch a single cat.Fished till about 9:30 that night..I think it needs to get up to about 60 for the fish to get more active..Fished last Saturday evening and caught 6 channel cats(nice cats 5-10 lbs) in about 4 hrs..I didn't check the water temp but the water was 8-14 ft deep.They were picky too, tried every bait on them and they would only hit skipjack guts..It doesn't seem to be affecting the crappie at all there starting to move into the shallows..But I bet you can catch some cats in the deeper water right now though..
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    try out near bull run steam plant in the next couple weeks..they usally generate warm water at nite and they love it.good luck out there and have fun!:)
  5. JimmyJonny

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    I fished here in SC when it was 17* out and in 5.5'of water, the reports are here on the BoC..... and I've got tons of blues in the 20# range. The trick is what time of day they are feeding, cause it will change. I primarily fish night only but the bite moved to after sunrise this past month so that's what I do. I still head out around 1am but the bite wont start good till daylight...for now that is.

    If they aint hitting ya might want to fish the entire night to see what's up. Even then you can just have a bad day regardless. You put a lot of time in for a week or so you will find the time slot. If you find a good spot the fish will be there year round regardless of who tells you what, again I have solid proof of it. IMO forget the moon phase BS. I keep a log and its says the moon has little effect on them...the proof is there. If ya wanna follow anything, follow storm fronts. Fish them before and after to see how they react. My favorite is 2 days after a front/storm hits.

    On the other hand there just might not be any fish in the area your fishing. Also match the hatch for bait. Now the crappie are bedding so the cats will whack a small crappie really fast atm.

    Not sure if this helps in the big rivers but someone who fishes lakes may want to try what I'm saying.