Is it possible to raise eel

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    I was just wondering if is possible to raise eel in a aquarium and if it is, is there anything special that you need to get .
  2. I am not an expert on the life cycle of the american eel. I am sure one can keep eels alive in an aquarium or bait tank but I seriously doubt spawning would be successful. The american eel is an andromonous(?) species like salmon in opposite fashion. They live their adult lives in freshwater streams and rivers and must travel to salt water to spawn.
    Strangely enough there is some conjecture that the elvers(juvenile eels) actually return to the very same waters that their parents came from. This is strange considering that unlike salmon which are spawned in their anscestral waters the elvers have had zero contact with their anscestral waters.

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    I would have to say def. yes it would be possible to raise and eel in captivate if you go to a aquarium store or pet store that sells stickily aquatics you will find eels there.