Is it made in Sweden or is made in China

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by carpetman, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. carpetman

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    I have noticed some posts on here recently where Abus were made in China and that is a sore subject. I am asking what do you think makes it better or worse than if it came from Sweden? I have some 7000iC3 reels that were made in China and I have not had a single problem with any of them. Has anyone had problems with them they could share? I just feel IMO that Abu Garcia has certain standards that have to be met wether they were made in Sweden or anywhere else as far as that goes and would not allow an inferior product to hit the streets. thats my opinion whats yours?
  2. redneckchev

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    i agree with ypur statement.i believe they have to meet certain quality standards even though they are made in a different facility now.besides they got their reputation on the line.

  3. catfish kenny

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    CHINA-Mexico whats the diff aint american made!
  4. griz

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    Murray Ky.
    Yea they are supposed to meet certain standards. But do they?
    Mattel toys has standards that were supposed to be met but look at the recalls there.

    Remember the poison pet food? Yep that came from China too.
    China's track record isn't very good as far as meeting the standards set forth by a company.
  5. CJ21

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    Jeff, welcome to BOC! I rather have the Abu's thats made in Sweden.
  6. Netmanjack

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    Jeff, I agree with you. Mine works very well too. :big_smile:

    As far as not being American made you better find a different brand. Sweden or China, what makes the difference they are both foreign countries.

    SRWELDON New Member

    I have 3 abu reels 2 of them say made in china a nd one says made in sweden. Now I would rather have ones that are made in sweden but as far as I can tell the warranty seems to be the same and the 2 that are made in china seem to work just fine. But all in all I would prefer that they all say made in sweden on them.
  8. olddriller

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    I have Sweden made and China made Garcias. I have not had any problems with them. Some say engineered in Sweden. Some one told me they thought they were made in China and assembled in Sweden. I get so sick of seeing made in china I take a grinder and gring the name off and repaint it. I tryed to find sone fish stringers made in the USA and couldn't find a one. I just bouight a new Penn 8000 spinning reel at Bass pro made in China . The sales person said that They did not havre any fishing reels that were American made for sale. I have also been watching and bidding on and buying Garica & Penn reels on e-bay. The ones made in the USA are keeping the value up even on the used ones. I am sorry for buying reels from China. What more can I say. You can still find parts for many of the old American made Penns . Fix up a used one and fish for ever with it. We are Americans lets try to buy from American ccompanys. I am still Sorry for buying the ones from China.
    I doin't like there ugly Carp eather.
  9. crazy

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    I'll take a china reel over a sweed reel. But what I really like more is a one of them reels from Japan. Go shimano.
  10. StormCaster

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    Abu will always produce a quality reel or rod.
  11. peewee williams

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    My Shimano spells Japan "MALAYSIA" as in "made in Malaysia".What is on your Shimano?

    Is it true that Aba Garcia has been making reels in Sweden out of Chinese parts for some years now?

    I also believe that the laws,requirements and inspections for tooth paste,pet food,children's toys,food and medicine for human consumption is far tighter than reel parts.We all know the record on these.

    How many have the tools and knowhow to measure the chinese imports?I do.My results are.As a rule most "Almost" but few "do" measure exactly what they should and then they may have any oddball thread,taper or metric size.Check them out yourself.I have also noticed for years now that the "count" is normally short of what it is sold for.

    Now I do have a old Diawa Millionaire 4H that has JAPAN on it,but it was made many years ago before many on here were born.After a short time,they farmed them out to Korea.

    And then we have the "seers".The ones who can see into the future and know what will always be.Man have they fell by the wayside in my 62 years!I have always wondered what led folk to believe that they have such powers.Even more so,do they really believe others believe them?Time and time alone tells.Many old things have gone in my lifetime,many more will go.

    Remember.The "Old Man" on the mountain was millions of years old.He fell down the mountainside in the past year.Many more will follow in the coming year.Always have.Always will.

    I hope with all of my heart that Abu Garcia can hold on with all of their quality reels for a 100 years.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Look at it this way....Atleast a American citizen sold you the reel. If everyone depended on buying American made...We would never buy anything. I hate it. But it's just a fact of life. Out source! Out source! Then dogs die from food poison and them ankle grabbing, crumb snatchers, get lead poison from the toys.
    I would say its a mucked up world we live in!

  13. kyelkhunter3006

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    This is part of a post I just made on another thread, but I guess that it really belongs here. Yes, I'd prefer to buy American all the time, but it just isn't going to happen. For the "made in China" critics of the Garcia's, find me a reel thats not made overseas today that's not a Penn, and even some of theirs are too. What I read from some of the "hate China reels" people is to get American reels and put them on Chinese made Ugly Stik Tiger rods??? OK??

    If you have a problem with things made in China, I'm glad you don't get on your computer very much, watch stuff on your HD flatscreen TV, or listen to the radio. :smile2:

    It's a global economy today, and I don't like it anymore than other people do, but there's not a thing that anyone's going to do about it. Buy what you want and don't worry about it. Even if it's made overseas, someone in America is working for that corporation in some fashion, so at least you are keeping an American employed in that respect.
  14. catfishcrazy256

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    it doesnt mater where they are made the quality just isnt what it used to be,just my opinon !
  15. wneubauer

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    McKinney, TX
    I have heard that the Penn reels are supervised by US engineers, I guess to insure their quality stays high, and I have heard there is no appreciable difference in Chinese Penn's in the assembly, parts, or design..... but they don't say made in the USA, and that's a shame..

    As many others have pointed out, this is life, deal with it... or I guess we could quit fishing?? (That would show 'em, eh! We could all slip into a fishless insanity.....:wink:)
  16. stlcatman

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    They are a bit pricey but Avet makes their reels right here in the USA and they are good reels.
  17. Pirate Jerry

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    Did anyone ever notice that the people that are always shouting "Buy American Products" are usually driving Fords, Chevys or Dodges that are made in MEXICO or CANADA . NASCAR just had an American made car win,, TOYOTA..
    Kinda funny huh ??? If the product performs to my satisfaction, I really don't care where it's made.
  18. JimmyJonny

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    I emailed Abu Garcia about two weeks ago because I had questions about three 7000's I was trying to decide on.

    I asked the following

    where are the reels made and assembled

    where the gears Swedish brass cut gears

    what gears were brass and what ones were plastic

    They never wrote me back.
  19. Bacardipr05

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    As stated above they are a few American made reels. One been Avet, Van Staals ( altough they too are shipping over seas). Zeebaas is another high end reel some of the Penns are still been made here but only their higher end stuff. Ardent reels is another company that are made here. Also there was a small company by the name or Red Dot that made reels in Louisana. (not sure if they still in business. These are just to name a few. A lot(not just fishing reels) has to do with politics hopefully the new adminstration can turn some of these things around.......
  20. kyelkhunter3006

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    LOL, ain't THAT the truth!!