Is it legal or not?

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    Is it legal to use crappie and/or bass for bait if you caught them on a hook? Alot of fisherman I know say yes, the regulation book is not exactly clear if you read it and the Va Dept of Game in Richmond... that guy on the phone there said that we could absolutely NOT fish with those because they were game fish & you could NOT use game fish as bait. Does anyone really know? I am going to ask a game warden if I ever see one 2 speak 2... u know how it is, if u want to see the Man he isnt around
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    If you catch them on a hook. Flatheads like live bait.

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    I can't help you with your local laws but here in FL, if you catch them by hook & line method, they are legal, so as long as the person whom caught it is the person using it. Just pan fish Not Bass
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    I suppose you ll have to inquire at your local game warden, call them,up here in Kansas, a sport fish is completely off limits , if you get caught , they tell me its a pretty good fine, if you hook one in the mouth how do they know it didnt get your worm and get caught by a flat on the way in?:smile2:
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    The regs really don't say you can't use them if they're whole...however it does say you cannot alter any no cutbait. Here's a quote:

    "It shall be unlawful for any person, while
    fishing, to remove the head or tail or otherwise
    change the appearance of any game
    fish (except bluegill sunfish and bream of
    the sunfish family) having a daily creel or
    size limit so as to obscure its species or render
    it impracticable to measure its total original
    length or count the number of such fish
    in possession. In addition, it shall be unlawful
    for any person to possess or transport
    such altered game fish while on the water.
    However, the prohibition against possession
    and transportation in the previous sentence
    shall not apply to the preparation of lawfully
    obtained fish for immediate use as food or
    any lawful commercial use of such fish."

    If I were you I would contact the VDGIF via email and ask the question. Here's the email address to a local warden here in NoVA :

    He's been very helpful to me in the past in figuring out the regs.

    Let us know what you find out.

    As a personal note I feel that there are so many non-game fish you can use for bait and they're much easier to catch that it is not necessary to use game why even bother? But if you find out it's legal and you really want to use it then why not?

    Tight lines.
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    I was told by the local warden here around Bedford that it was legal as long as it was caught in the same water you are fishing in.
    NO tansports from one body to anoughther
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    im perty sure you can use a gamefish as long as its legal size and was caught by hook and line here in kansas.
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    i think it depends on if there is a size limit. if so you can not cut the fish to change its leanth. at buggs i use crappie quite a bit but there is no size or creel limit.the flatheads love them:wink:
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    Pinson, Al
    In Alabama you can use game fish as bait. The creel limit on possession
    law does apply. If you catch bluegills in a minnow trap for bait even if
    they are thumbnail size you better not have more than 50.(the creel
  10. Puddin_114

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    Hey there fellow cat catchers, I spoke face 2 face with the game warden a couple of days ago when he checked me and it is legal 2 use crappie as bait either whole or as cut bait. If u catch them in the river or on the lake they have to be caught on a hook, but he stated i could catch bluegills & crappie either by hook or thrownet if i got them from a private farm pond. So happy fishing and keep those lines tight!!!!:smile2: