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Discussion in 'LOCAL ARKANSAS TALK' started by whisker maniac, Apr 11, 2008.

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    Are you all ready for De Gray??? I know I am. I'm only gonna be there May 2 thru Sun the 4th but I'm gonna get in as much as I can. I Can't wait to meet everyone in person finally. I know I have already made great friends on the web site and I will cherish the siter forever and continue to make more and more friends there but, to meet everyone and share a weekend face to face with all the friends I have made will be tremendous.

    One thing that I am sure of is that there will be alot of picture taking going on. If not by me I am sure there will be alot of others taking alot of pics. The BOC might just have to create another spot for us to be able to post all the pics. :eek:oooh::smile2:

    Just 20 more days and the De Gray gathering will commence. I have already been getting things ready here. Checking thru all my gear and such and organizing everything. I've been tying guide examples on old broken rods so everyone can see the different styles that you can do or different type twine that you can use to retie them.

    I know this gathering will be a good one. So if some of you haven't made plans to attend you better change your calendar and be there. I'll be glad to share my site with someone if they need one. So far it will just be me and my wife on it and we will be in a tent so if someone needs a spot for a camper or another tent your welcome to share ours. Just send me a pm.

    Can't wait to meet each and everyone of you in person. See ya all there.
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    Let us know how you did when you go on your trip

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    Time is growing near, I hope to see more Arkansas members that has not attended a gathering attend this one. Fun will be in the air! Friends will be everywhere! Please attend.