Is anyone catching any shad on the Missouri River?

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    I was wondering if anyone is catching any shad on the Missouri River? Was throwing the casting net down around the Weldon Springs Boat Access today and wasn't having any luck. I guess I don't know where to look for shad cause I couldn't get anything. Could really use some hints on where to find them and how to catch them weather it be with a casting net or on rod and reel. What type of lure to use etc. I've heard to go around creek mouths? Also I know there are some factories up river from Weldon Springs access does anyone know if that would be a good place to catch them? Hope to get some help!

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    When I'm looking for a good place to throw for shad, I always ook to see where the birds of prey are flying. I fish around Mark Twain Lake and there is seagulls that love shad. They do the looking for me.

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    I'm not really familiar with your section of the river, but a couple of thoughts..

    Around here, shad are a lot harder to find in the river than in some of the lakes. A lot of folks get their shad somewhere else and take them to the river. In the river, try throwing off of sandbars, in the calmer water behind wing dams.

    Our shad don't hit baits, but you might be able to catch goldeye. Try fishing with a chunk of worm on a small hook, maybe 2 feet below a bobber. The best spots seem to be swirlbacks, where you can just let your bait drift. This can be a slow process - I'm lucky to get 1 per hour, but they average a pound or more and make a lot of cut bait. They are more a northern fish - you may find them a little bit easier to catch up where you are.