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Is Anybody Fishing?

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I' know there's alot going on in the U.S. right now with the hurricane and all.I just thought I'd see if anybody has been fishing? I haven't heard any good reports in the past few days.You men post of some fishing chat. I have to admit,I've been busy this week so I'm going tonight and if possible fish in our little tourney tomorrow night.I was just checking on the reports.I get a little worried when no one gives a good catch report(lol). :D
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I have been catching channel cats like crazy every day this summer. I chum and use Cattracker Dip baits(jo jo's pole snatcher mostly and wicked sticky). Have a reservoir that is 100 or so acres that has WAY too many catfish in it. LOL!!!!!!!!! All different size year classes, too, so the population is unreal in there. Some of the fish are so dang skinny you'd swear they should have died by now. The conservation officer told me they didn't stock in last year. God bless.
I cured some livers and mahi last night, and intend to go to the tailrace sometime this weekend. Trying to figure out if I want to go at night, or in the morning. Need to go to Wally first for some sinkers, and whatever else I see ;)
i hit the local slough last weekend for 3 cats and planning on hitting it again this coming weekend, probably sunday. have to balance out dove hunting and catfishing this time of year.
I went yesterday morning and caught 16 channels on nightcrawlers,they wasnt biting on liver for some reason.Out of the 16 only three were even legal size.The lake i was fishing is full of channels,it dosent matter where you fish at that lake those small channels are everywhere.They hit the bait as soon as it touches water,i couldnt fish but one pole because i couldnt bait up fast enough.
I saw one guy catch a pretty good one but that place must have a million small channels in it.I dont know mybe by next year they will be big enough to keep.
I fish everyday. I've been catching some nice striper both out of lake Murray and the Saluda river. I haven't caught a decent catfish since spring.
Went out last night to a private lake, the bite was slow but caught 1 channel and 1 BIG OLE BLUE had to be 30+lbs :D both on whole shad, did'nt have my scale with me but got the pic on a disposable camera I had in the truck (did'nt have my digital cam either :cursing: ). I will post that pic if I can get those pics on cd when I get it developed.

Goin back out tonite too! :grin-big:

went out today for the first in 2 weeks cought 3 cats toghter might have been a pound and half my son got one 1 lb and my grand daughter wuo will be 3 on the 18sept got 1 at3and one quater lb. it never fails i guess there is such a thing as begineres luck :blush-big
Went to Baldwin power plant lake yesterday, caught 2 blues 8# and 14# and a 7# flathead. We were drifting cut bluegill. Not much wind so I had to use the trolling motor.
Went to the tailrace last night, and got skunked. Thinking about where I want to go tonight.
myself and two other brothers went out Sunday night,
Totalled out for 8 cats nothing big, but always have fun. fished mostly with Sonny's dip bait, liver and anchovies. 6 cats came on Sonny's the othe two on various other baits.

My son and I hit a smaller local lake here last Thursday. I got a 30lb flathead within 10 minutes of showing up. We also caught alot of small channel cats. The flathead was caught off cut bluegils. His fillets are in the freezer. MMMM-good! :D
I have not been fishing in about two weeks. I hope to find a fishing partner and go soon.
i went sunday night cout about 6 muds and 1 channel not much
havent been fishing for a couple weeks, we are out here on a training exercise in the desert of California. Will fish the day I get back though.
Hadn't fished/chummed for the last 5 days, but managed to catch 43 in a little less than 2 hours today. Bite was slow for awhile, but picked up once they found the chum. I chummed about 20 gallons tonight to make up for the 5 day absence. God bless.
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