Is an aerator necessary ?

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    I almost exclusively bank fish and when I catch my bait (bluegills) I put them into flow troll bucket and tie it off to something until I'm ready to catfish. Now I have 2 questions.
    My first question is: When I transport any that are left over do I need an aerator or is their enough oxygen in the water to keep them alive until I get home and put them in my bait tank ?
    My second question is: What exactly does an aerator do ? Does it put oxygen in the water ? What is the purpose of an aerator ?
    All answers and input are appreciated.
  2. kyjake

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    An aerator is for adding oxygen to the water.The more bait in the bucket the more air you need.In cold weather you can get by without an aerator better than in warmer weather.In cool weather your bluegill could be transported a few miles without adding air where the would probably die on the same trip in hot weather.An aerator is a good investment.I have a cheap $7.00 one that is powered by a flashlight battery that works fine.

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    The last live bait I tried to bring home without an aerator all died. It was only a 30-minute trip, but it was pretty hot. Sometimes you need to add a little ice, or better yet, some small self-contained freezer thingie. I don't know the proper word for them, and some are made to put on a hurt, while others are made to drop in your drink, and still others made to put in your ice chest. The point is that by using one of these, you are cooling down the water without adding chlorinated water. You don't really want to cool down the water so much as keep it from heating up.
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    you need a better way to transport your fish to and from the water. like said, and aerator will help with this. you can buy a fairly inexpensive one from wal-mart. i would suggest buying a small cooler as well. there just isn't enough space to keep many baits in a flow-troll without overcrowding them. i have a thread in the ohio local talk on homemade bait buckets, this is a cheap way to keep many baits while on the water, still not good for transporting, but is better than the flowtroll while fishing all day or night.. check it out, there are attachments as well to give you a better idea...goodluck..rollo
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    Walter Flack
    You want to keep the stress level down when transporting bait. Heat, over-crowding and stress kills more bait fish quicker. The bubble aerators work well, but I like the spray systems better. Ive learned that by spraying water onto the water's surface of your bait bucket will produce more oxygen than bubbles.