Irvine Lake Sunday 11/9

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    Sorry, no catfish in this report. I tried, but they weren't biting. So that's my catfish report: catfish aren't biting from the West Shore at Irvine Lake! If you want to read a trout report, keep reading....

    Was planning on heading out there Saturday, but I was out at the club until 3am and didn't want to pull an all nighter. So Saturday night I was out at the club until 3am again, and this time I said f-it, i'm doing it. Got about an hour of sleep and was out the door by 5:15am. I was on track for getting to the Vine right at 6, but I took a wrong exit and had to backtrack a bit. Got there about 6:10 and was..... about the 40th car in line! I've never seen the Irvine Lake Queue in full force, but I saw it that morning.

    First I went over to Trout Island but couldn't find a spot, so I headed back towards the West Shore and got a nice little spot. Driving there I saw a guy bringing in a trout. As I parked at my spot he was already bringing in another on his other pole. I got "camp" all set up and rods in the water in about 3 minutes.

    The guy who was bringing in the fish as I was pulling up was using green power eggs. Or at least that's what he told the fisherman next to me. He caught his limit around 11pm when everyone was having trouble catching anything.

    Started off with chartreuse Power Bait dipped in the green Berkeley trout jelly stuff, all on a small treble hook. It was slow going for about 1 1/2 hours with no action. By this time I had switched to some old dry rainbow Power Bait on one of my poles. Still no action. I reeled in the rainbow bait pole and checked it... still had all the bait. Cast it back out and waited about 15 minutes when the pole got hit nice and solid. Ran over, set the hook, and it was on. Got him in close to shore when all of a sudden he got stuck on something. He was wrapped around a plant about 8 feet from shore and with my 4lb. test I wasn't going to try and break it free. Put the rod down, ran up to my car, grabbed my swim shorts and proceeded to strip down. Waded out into the water, broke the fish off the line and threw him onto the shore. Nice sized fish, maybe 14 or 15 inches. This was about 9:00am.


    You can't see it in this picture, but he had a nickel sized chunk taken out of him, most likely by a stick that i stabbed him with as i was trying to pull him out of the weeds he was stuck on.

    So after that it was slow. Real slow. I saw people around me pulling in a fish occasionally, but all around it was slow. I wasn't getting anything and was getting ready to go home around 1:30pm. (Yeah, no action for about 4 hours.) But, I said screw it, what else am I going to do? So I decided to stay.

    I also stuck on some catfish bait to see if they were hanging around, but they weren't going for it.

    At about 2:15pm things started picked up. I was fishing in the sun all day, but now the sun had gone behind the hills and trees and my area was in the shade. I'm guessing that's why the trout decided to come in closer.

    Got hit and pulled in a nice trout. About 25 minutes later I got another one. One of them was a smaller one, maybe 13 inches, but the other one was the same as the first one... a nice sized trout.


    The guys next to me were pulling in quite a few trout, much more frequently than me. I overheard them say they were using green power worms along with an egg. which type of egg (salmon egg or power bait egg) i don't know.

    I got one more about 15 minutes later, bout 14 inches. (Sorry, no pic.) Now it was about 3:10pm. I was tired. I knew if I stayed until 4 I would have my limit of 5, but I was a happy fisherman so I packed it up.

    So, normally after 4 hours of no action whatsoever, I would have called it quits. A lot of the guys around me quit. But it paid off sticking around.
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    At least you had fun out there, congrats on the catch