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Iowa Non-resident?

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Just wondering if anyone here is from Iowa and might answer a few questions about non-resident deer hunting in Iowa. I've been phesant hunting in Iowa for the past 2 years and am dying to get up there and do some bowhunting. If anyone could help me please let me know. Season is just around the corner and i'm getting a little itch.:thumbsup:
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What would you like to know? I will sure be glad to get you the answers crane.
Bow Season
October 1 - December 2, and December 19 - January 10, 2006

codes used by dnr.
013 NR Hunting 18+ $80.50
094 NR Habitat Fee $8.50
270 NR Deer Bow Appl $220.50

All of these can be purchased at the following url.

Hope this helps you out.
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Sorry I haven't gotten back earlier, but work has been terrible this last week. First, I am of course a non-resident without a drawn permit, can I still buy a tag to hunt does over the counter? Second, I have read about the holiday hunt for non-resident hunters, is this just for muzzleloading or can I bowhunt during this season?

I would love to do a little hunting up that way this winter if at all possible. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Nonresident Holiday Antlerless Season** Dec. 15 - Jan. 2, 2006
**Licenses will be sold first-come-first served until quota is filled, or the last day of the season for which the license is valid, whichever comes first. That is over the counter say at wal-mart.

If the quota of nonresident Antlerless-Only licenses is
not filled, hunters that do not have a nonresident deer
license may purchase an Antlerless-Only license for the
holiday season. Licenses may be purchased over the
counter through any ELSI license agent beginning Dec.
15, 2005. Holiday Deer Licenses will not be sold online
or through the telephone ordering system.
Licenses will be valid from Dec. 24, 2005, through Jan.
2, 2006. A muzzleloader, bow or handgun may be used (see
“Legal Weapons” on page 2). A nonresident hunting license
and habitat fee are also required.
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Thanks for the information, very helpful. Now if those gas prices will come back down. :cursing:
That I cant help you with they did go from 2.78 to 2.67 today. But who knows by then it might be 5.00 a gallon.
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