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    Hi y'all,

    Did you know that not 1 member has ever entered any catfish into the MS Hall of Fame? That is right, not ever in the 2+ year history of the BOC Member Hall of Fame program. :sad2:

    That is a real shame since there are many nice catfish caught in this state by members!

    I am inviting any of you that have caught a catfish in the state of MS to enter your fish into the MS Hall of Fame.

    Each species is eligible for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place standings and if yours gets entered you not only get to showcase your catch, you also get a HOF Award for your profile.

    So, find those pictures of your catches and go to

    See who ends up on top of each category. It just might be you!

    Challenge your buddies to beat your best for some fun competition!

    Chat about your entries in the new Hall of Fame Forum located under the CATFISH DISCUSSION Forum located here!

    Hope to see you there. :big_smile:
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    Thats a cool idea