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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by pendog66, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. pendog66

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    With the link about giant flathead catfish and some being as big as the diver. How come there has never been any reports of Wels Catfish in the US? Because we have all these other fish from different countries that people have brought here. I just wondered why a Wels never found its way here. And if one did, would it be able to survive here?
  2. KC Jayhawk 78

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    Thats a great question. It would be nice to have another big trophy fish in our reservoirs. Maybe they would wipe out all other species. Who Knows?:confused:

  3. Desperado

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    Those would be nice to catch. But as far as catfish big so big they can eat a man at the dams, C'mon...I have heard that since I was a kid and don't you think one would have been found or caught?
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    I can see why one that big hasn't been caught. It would take some serious gear to bring in one as big as a man. I don't believe the story either, my grandpa told me the same story about the Muskingum River. Not to mention I've heard the story about dozens of other waters.
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    That story is almost at every dam there is, I think that it might actually be true for one or two dams or something but people just started using it everywhere.....mostly BS in my opinion....:) :) :)
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    I heard a variation on the huge cat/diver story. It came from a buddy of mine in Alaska. He told me that the discharge outlet at a local cannery would plug up and have to be cleaned. Seems it emptied into the bay well below the surface. According to him several divers went missing. His buddy who was a diver went down and was cleaning the grate when a large shadow covered him. He looked up to see the biggest Halibat of his life swimming straight at him. It mouthed the pipe and gorged itself on the scraps being pumped out to sea. LOL guess he knows how a baitfish feels.
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    There is a reporter/diver going in search of these monster cats... there was an article about it in either infisherman or their branch off isue of the 2005 catfish guide.

    How big was splash? 60 inches right? well underwater things get magnified by around about 25%... so splash would have looked somewhere around 75 inches should someone have seen her swimming around in the ressy... i don't about you but 75 inches is longer then i am tall... Now reports of them being as big as VW bugs? lol i don't doubt it, just take 1/5th off the legnth of the bug and you've got just longer then splash would look in the water... and we all know there are bigger fish in the water systems then splash... we just can't seem to catch them.

    My theory on why they haven't been caught is because the story tells of a diver by the dam fixing the front/top/upstream edge of it. Well atleast in MD (esp after 911 and alot of times before as well) they won't let anyone within 100's of yards of the dam.... there for no fishing pressure for those monsters... plus they get to grow so big because its usually the deepest part of the river and shad and other fish tend to migrate to deep water in the colder periods... Blues are active in winter so they grow larger then...