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    Welcome BOC Members

    To the Information section of the BOC on Fish Finders and how to use them.​

    First I would like to welcome a few members that will be answering questions in this section and reporting on fish finders and giving you real time photos of what they see when there out fishing for the big ole catfish. These guys have taken time to spend with you here and to help teach you how to use your fish finders and system to installing them if you need help. There is alot of learning with these systems and as each one of these guys can tell you, they learn everyday there out fishing. We hope we can at least help you understand your system a little bit better. We will also be adding a couple of more members on the team here to help with this section, we will also have a area on fishing Currents and seams using your fish finder in locating your fish.


    Please remember this section has a question area please post all questions in it, when you post it will not put it up on the board right away so please have some patience we will get it approved and posted for you once you have made a post here.

    BOC Staff