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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by r ward, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. r ward

    r ward New Member

    Kathleen G
    I started this in the Ga, section and it seems to be doing good
    All we do is introduce and tell a little about us however much or little you want it don't matter
    I am Richard Ward I live in Kathleen Ga. got 6 kids and 5 grandkids drive a truck local lumber delivery am 54 years old
  2. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    Good idea Richard! I'll take my turn. I'm Scott Williams. I live in Sarver, Pa. I'm 44 years old. I'm married with 4 daughters ages 20, 18, 16 & 14. I'm employed by PPG Industries in the Springdale Paint Factory where I have worked for the past 18 years. I have a Black Lab and 2 Cats all female. My god I'm outnumbered by woman! :crazy: :smile2:

  3. pk_powell

    pk_powell New Member

    I'm Patricia Powell, Pat for short. I'm the Mother of two teenage daughters age 15 and 13. I'm also a housewife. I'm married to a wonderful man Steve.We live in Oregon Missouri which is in the Northwest corner,about 90 miles North of Kansas City Missouri. I'm 48, Steve is 52.:big_smile:

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I'm "BIG GEORGE" I live in New Joisey and work for a railroad. I'm lewd,crude and socially unacceptable. I have 3 sons all grown but not gone. LOL! Married for 34 years to a girl that makes a good meatloaf. I like long walks on the beach and cuddleing next to a fire. LOL!
  5. postbeetle

    postbeetle New Member

    Richard: Ya got this post someplace else. I already posted but will do so again. They all add up to eventually 2 or 3 million posts and I can get an award. I am John, an old man from Eastern Iowa. I currently have only one wife and two girlfriends. I have 3 kids someplace but do not acknowledge them. I have a lot of pets and many many deer around me. I am a retired Veterinarian, and just plain tired. I have hunted, fished and trapped for 55 years. I now have a new hobby and that is this forum. The guy named Ostrom who says he is lewd, crude and socially unacceptable is my wanna be brother. His wife makes a good meatloaf, mine lasagna. I have been trying to get him to swap recipes for a long time and he refuses. I will keep trying. John
  6. SkipEye

    SkipEye Well-Known Member

    Winfield, MO
    My name is Darryl, my other brother Darryl is on here also but he is a lurker. He follows me all over BOC trying to sabotage my informative threads.

    I am 45 and live in a good spot for Big Cats! Who the hell would have figured my ancestors finally did something right. I mean they didn't leave me with an easy life of fame and fortune but at least I can go out and catch a giant catfish every now and then. Thats pretty cool. Thank you, thank you great great grandpappy (and grandmammy), is that a word? LOL:smile2:

    Oh yeah, I am married to a beautiful (hubba, hubba), sensitive, caring wife and reside in a nice home in somewhat rural Missouri.

    I have 3 monster stepchildren still living at home that I cherish greatly, even though I would like to banish them to Siberia occassionally.:smile2:

    Oh come on, I am just kidding about the Siberia thing.:wink:
  7. tomcat85

    tomcat85 New Member

    I'm Tom Souzer I have an awesome girlfriend of 3 years I got to the local community college for park and recreational management. I'm going to eventually work with fish for the rest of my life. I fish as much as I can when the truck is running. If i'm not fishing I'm thinking fishing, reading fishing, or watching fishing. I'll probably get married down the road after I'm financially set.:crazy:

  8. splitshot

    splitshot New Member

    My name is Steven Williams i am 300 yrs old in cat years. Ive been married 36 yrs and have three grown sons and four grand kids. My biggest goal in life is to live long enough to teach my grand kids how to fish. I live in upstate N.Y. I am a semiretired truck driver--whatever that means. BG and Postbeetle, forget about the meatloaf and lasagna, my wife makes the best spaghetti dinner in the Northeast your invited to dinner.
  9. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    My name is James Cosma. I am 39yrs old. My wife Tara and I have been married now for 12 years. We now have two children Stefani@9 and James Jr@6. I lived in N.Y. till I was 12 then moved to Fla residing there for 20 year. About eight years ago we moved to S.C. on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where I will forever call home. I've been in the vinyl siding and window business all my life like my dad still is to this day. We all enjoy camping/fishing, our pets, and just plain being all together ; )
  10. r ward

    r ward New Member

    Kathleen G
    Thanks for the good input I hoped this would be as good here as in the Ga forum:big_smile:
  11. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK

    now there's something you don't see every day: truth in advertising!:smile2::wink:
  12. philly'swife

    philly'swife New Member

    Phila. Pennsylvania
    Hello all I am Katina Ames 27 year old wife and mother of 4,soon to be 5. I am a Lab Tech at the University of Penn. I enjoy fishing with my husband and children, traveling to Alabama & Georgia where I am from originally. I also enjoy reading and posting on this site, listening to my Mary J. Blidge cds, and spending time with my family and friends. I think my hubby posted on the other forum. I hope we will get to make down for the National gathering next year, because I think you all are some great people.

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  13. Kat-tamer

    Kat-tamer New Member

    My name is Sheila Adkisson, I am 29(still), I live north of Columbia Missouri. I have 3 kids, Johnny 21, Randi 19, and Coltan 10. Johnny is married to Cortney, and they have given me 1 wonderful grandson, Wyatt.
    Coltan and I live with my boyfriend Matt (kat in the hat), who got me addicted to this site. :eek:oooh:
    I work in a convience store part time, go to college more than full time, and sell Avon for extra cash. In my spare time I clean house.:crazy:
    I also play darts in a league. Gives me 1 nite a week away from everything, and a good excuse to go to the bar!:smile2:

    And I am LOUD, Obnoxious, and mouthy. I love to joke around and am friendly to those who don't know me. :wink: The rest get the real me.:big_smile:
  14. charlestoncatman

    charlestoncatman New Member

    hi everyone, my name is Rich, i got married to some hot chick named Heather on 7/7/07. i know its not the same Heather ive been with for five ears, cuz her feet are probly still frozen! we have 4 kids between us, 2 from her practice marriage, one from my first mistake, one together and one on the way. i love catfishin, she dont but it works for us!
  15. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    I'm Richard Young. I'm 46 yrs old and married to my wife ,Ruth of 12 yrs who is from Shidler OK. originally. We have a daughter ,Katelyn 10 and I also have a son from a previous marriage .Brian 22 who with his wife have given us a beautiful granddaughter ,Abigale and are expecting another in Dec . so we'll be busy as grandparents . we raise Old English Game Bantams for show,or my daughter does and has done well at it.
  16. cattinfever999

    cattinfever999 New Member

    I'm Kelli. Vernon (vlparrish) and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary. I have a 12 yr old son and an almost 17 yr old daughter. We also have a 2 1/2 yr old "baby girl" named Mary Jane. She's the hairiest and most spoiled of the kids.:wink: I'm a self employed contractor. Been with the same job for over 9 years. Thinking about taking computer classes and getting a second job. I need the cash to keep up the appearance as Vernon's "Sugar Momma". He can be high maintance when I take him to Wal-Mart and he goes to the fishing area.:big_smile:
  17. Kittycatcher

    Kittycatcher New Member

    Clarksville, Te
    Hi, my name is Robert Goodwin, I am from Clarksville, Tennessee and I am 59 years of age. I love fishing and hunting, do one or the other all most every weekend. I work for the Military as a civilian in a Warehouse as a Technical Inspector. BOC has been a great part of my life for the past 4 years.
  18. jerseycat9

    jerseycat9 New Member

    Oakwood Georgia
    Man I gotta learn not to have any hot drinks in my hand when reading threw a thread you have posted in:embarassed:
  19. joesf

    joesf New Member

    Bloomington IL
    I'm Joseph Steven Farkas (Joe) named in honor of my Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

    I've been married to the love of my life for 18 years R. Elizabeth Farkas (Betsey).

    We have 3 dogs Ariel (Beagle), Zowie(Jack Russel Broken Coat), and Zuse(75# Mutt Mother was Rotwiler).

    We live 1 mile out side of Downs IL but our address is RR Bloomington.

    I've been working as a machinist in the same shop for 12 years and Betsey is a Hairstylist (Now Manager) for JC Penny's Salon.

    We like to go camping especially when everyone else isn't.

    Me and Mom like to go fishing and usually Dad tags along I don't think he would go if we didn't.

    If I didn't work, camp or fish people would call me a hermit. I love to sit a home and watch birds, play Sudoku or read the post from the BOC family.

    I know I'm not very active around here but I have considered the BOC my family every since we went though 9/11 together. I love you all and send thanks to Paul and all the moderators, keep up the good work.
  20. TOPS

    TOPS New Member

    I am Verlon Emmett Lawrence, 60 years old, made a career from the Army 23 years in the same line of worK[Army Aviation]. I have 3 children, Brad 31 twin girls Pauline and Paulette 30, 3 grandchildren Shelby 11 Tood 7 Drew 1 1/2, the grandchildren are in my home state of Louisiana. Which puts a strain on me because I miss them. I joined the B.O.C. about 5 years ago and have loved this place ever sence. Oh, I almost forgot I have been married to the same woman Venita Jean Lawrence for 32 years[ this is how I got those grandchildren:wink:] All in All life been good!!:big_smile: