Introducing a kid to catfishing

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    I have had just about more fun than I could have imagined. We had a friends 14 year old son staying with us last week. He loves to fish but doesn't get to go living in KC Mo. So I invited him for a few days of fishing out in nw Ks. On Wed. we went over to Sebelious for the evening. My usual catfishing spot wasn't working out due to downed tree so we went to the public fishing dock to try for crappies.Kid tried everything but didn't get a bite. I tied a 1/32 ounce jig on my ultralight and got a nice crappie. I also hooked a big channel that broke my 4lb line like it was nothing. Bummer.
    Thursday eve saw us at Antelope lake. Kind of a slow start then the action picked up. We eneded up with 4 channels. Kid caught a decent channel that had bumps everywhere under the skin. When you'd touch a bump it would squirm. I figured worms of some kind. We turned all these fish loose.
    Friday we didn't fish. We went to the range and burned up some ammo. He really like shooting my wifes 243, and my old Remingtoin 22.
    Saturday I had to work but got out early. We hooked up with my son and took off for waconda lake. Because of the late start we ate at the chicken restaraunt in Cawker City. I highly recomend it too!!
    Got to our fishing spot and set out cat rods. We had on shrimp and night crawlers. We got several bites on the crawlers but I suspect sunfish as we never got a hookup.Gave the kid a bass rod and spinner and told him he might have some fun with the white bass. Boy did he ever! Caught a load of small whites. I caught a small crappie that was hooked deep so I cut him up for bait. And we waited. He kept catching whites long afterb dark on that spinner, including a couple of real nice ones. At 1:30 am a storm hit and it hit fast. All at once winds were howling and it was raining hard. We gathered up gear and headed to the truck to get out before the roads turned to slop. All dirt roads back where we were.My son hollered that I still had a rod at the shore so we went after it. While I was reeling my boy asked if I was snagged and I told hom no, something's on here. It was a 10 lb channel cat!! Now in the middle of this mayhem my glasses fell out of my pocket. I found that out later trying to read.
    The next morning we fished hard up by the dam and off the fishermans' bridge. Not a nibble at either spot. WE needed to get the new kid to a meeting place so his mom could pick him up. I told them I was going to drive back to last nights spot and look. Talk about getting lucky!! We found my glasses, a bell, and a rod holder we missed during the storm. And the glasses don't have a scratch.
    Anyway, the boy had a great time and wants to come back out and try again. He also heard my son and I talk about goose hunting and wants to try it too!!!
    Got to love the youngsters, don't we?
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    John your post proves u don,t have to catch fish to have a good time ,glad u took the kid with u sounds like yall had a good time :wink::cool2:

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    Thats great John, time well spent. You can save someone a lifetime of problems by introducing them to fishin.
    Little does he know that he could get on some hogs if he takes up fishn in KC.:wink::smile2:
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    Good job! Youngin's like the internet. I hope you steered him to the BOC.

    Bill in SC
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    Great job John. Just a few days like that could really change that young mans life.
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    I personally think all kids need to experiance these things!!! I know if my dad never took me to the great outdoors, mentaly, i wouldnt be as strong, made me a stronger person. not that fishing and camping is bootcamp and the battlefield, but living in urban areas just isnt the same!!!

    All dads who dont take their kids fishing/hunting/camping whatever you do is just plain DUMB!
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    Thanks for sharing your story. Too few outdoorsmen and women underestrimate the importance of introducing new people to our traditions. Whether it is hunting or fishing it doesn't matter. Introducing new people to the outdoors will help ensure future freedoms for the coming generations. Who knows, you may have just prevented one more desperate soul from joining PETA or becoming addicted to drugs. Either way, you're a good man and I thank you!!