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I started a story over in ramblings and this is the 2nd part of it. There are some interesting things going on over there just now and I didn't want to interject my drivel and break things up. So I will interject my drivel here. I hesitate to call it a story for several reasons, one of them being a story usually means fiction in most persons eyes. This ain't fiction and I am sure many of you have gone through the dreaded "Interview" and can relate your own life altering experiences.

Interviews are used to get you somewhere else; a new job, a different position, or just a test to see if you measure up. Interviews I have had have been on the tail gates of pickups, hunkered down on your heels drawing circles in the dust with a stick and another guy, sitting in a cubicle with some puckered up frumpy woman who is going to hire you if you are the same religion as she is, a personnel manger in his anal retentive office, his shirt and tie resplendent with power and haughtiness, or over a lunch with "The Boss". I always considered a luncheon interview a total waste of time and money. It is always at noon, in some semi-respectable place. You never know what to order because of the "Dude" You are usually hungry, you don't want to order anything too sloppy and no matter what you order you only get heartburn because you can't digest it anyhow. The only reason he is there is because he can write off the expense.

This interview is one paragraph in my life. One paragraph of many pages. It is one that I circled because it is one paragraph that determined my "Destiny".

The Vet School Interview:

You are going to a room that contains four heads of the Veterinary Departments. Today you are going to have Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Sciences, and Bacteriology and Virology. Four guys with so much tenure they could be sitting in wheelchairs, staring at their hands with drool coming out their mouths and still get paid. Kinda like Bryd getting re-elected even if he can't go from one side of the room to another. When I opened the door to go in I made up my mind to be myself, be honest and forthright. No whining, no suck-up, no who I ain't. What you see and what you hear is what you get. Dangerous, Dangerous stuff.

People who had gone before me were sworn to secrecy on the pain of death. They were not to reveal the questions. I had anticipated questions like...... "John because of the state of the economy how will it affect the Northern tier of the state of Georgia, or John, how will the Vietnam war affect our national psyche, or Mathematically what are the chances of getting to the moon." But Noooooo, no intelligent questions. Four guys had two questions apiece, and a follow up question much like a Senate inquiry to burn you at the stake.

One question. "John, why do you want to be a Vet." Ops I think. I ain't here to be noble. "Because I don't want to dig post holes the rest of my life and I want to make some money." Scribbles on their notepads.

Another question. "John, do you love animals?" Whew, an easy one. 'Where I come from if you love animals you get thrown in jail. I like animals. I eat them, sell them or they do work for me. If I am able to make them well they they will be better able to do the same thing for someone else." A lot of scribbles on their papers.

The last question. "John, of the people who have been here today, none of them have gotten this right. How long does it take for a turkey egg to hatch?" Oh man, I didn't know. A chicken egg, 21 days, A Muscovy duck 36 days, a guinea 28 days, a pheasant 28 days, a quail 24 days, my girlfriend if I knocked her up 9 months. I didn't know a turkey. 28 days I blurted out." "Absolutely right' they say. A lot of scribbles on their paper.

End of interview. "John you will receive a letter this summer from the University. It will inform you whether you have been accepted, thank you."

End of paragraph for that day in my life.

I will leave you with a question they asked me that I got right.

"If you have a flock of these, it is called a muster. What do you have a flock of?


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I Know that One John!!! It's called Supper for My Friends down at the Open Door Mission. Right? Now come on What did I win for Knowin the Correct Answer?:wink:

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hey john that was quite a good read. i look forward to reading more.
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