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    Internet Safety

    Do you have a web log (blog), personal or family web page, or use instant messaging? If so, realize there can be risks associated with using these forms of media.
    Estimates show that approximately 900 MILLION people have Internet access. Realize not everyone on the Internet is a patriotic American. If you are going to post information out on the worldwide web consider the audience – 900 Million people! Some people use the Internet for disreputable purposes to engage in illegal practices such as identity theft, or even worse, use social engineering tactics to exploit you or your family.
    If you are going to use blogs, personal web pages or instant messaging, be sure to keep safety in mind while doing so. Additionally be careful not to divulge sensitive personal information i.e. phone numbers and vacation dates. Also take caution about the pictures you post on the Internet from your work/home environment. These can be valuable to our adversaries and internet praetors.
    Be courteous when posting information about colleagues, friends and family.
    You can help keep your family safe by:
    Not posting information about upcoming Vacations.
    Not giving details about what kind of work your family member performs such as over the road trucker driver or late shift.
    If your spouse is gone on a trip, don’t give details about the location or the activities of your spouse as you have just told the world your along. Remember terrorists could be viewing your blogs and web pages!
    Realize that even if you install security protocols or password protection on your blog or personal web page – they’re not fool proof!
    Refrain from posting specific identifying information such as your phone number and address
    Don’t provide information that would allow someone to find you or your family. Writing about the school your child attends along pictures of your children are potential clues to help predators locate you or your family
    Don’t post your email address on your page. Small town Internet host providers and personal information contained in your email address can be another clue.
    Realize the bad guys (terrorists, and criminals) are out there just waiting to take advantage of others. Help keep your family safe by using some common sence.
    Here are a few tips to consider when posting information accessible to the worldwide web:
    Think before you post - once it’s out there it’s gone!
    Don’t post inappropriate or embarrassing information about yourself or others
    Use caution when posting photographs
    Establish security protocols on your blog or web page such as encryption or password protection. However, realize – these are not fool proof
    If you don’t want the information to wind up in the Washington Post – then don’t put it on your site
    If you don’t want Al’Qaida to know where you or your family member is and what goes on there – than don’t post it on your site
    Realize criminals use the Internet too. Don’t post information about yourself or your family members that would increase the risk of identity theft or other forms of exploitation.
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    Great tip's, you are right! You really have to be careful. Not paranoid or anything but just be aware of what Gator said. :)

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    no doubt, i had a website but killed it and do have a blog but in no way is it connected to any personal info.