Interesting Reading about commercial fisherman.

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    Reading your post reminded me of a Missouri conservationist magizine ( July 2004 )that I swiped from a doctor's office 3yr's ago.
    The article was called; Carp Lemonade - by Duane Chapman, photo's by Jim Rathert, Illustrations by Mark Raithel.
    In it he gave a very good discription, with 10 pic's, of a step by step on how to clean the darn thing's. It looked good to me at the time but I never did follow through with trying them. I think I'm going to try it now , seeing that's what I catch when snaggin for spoonies. I considered them a sh$T fish and threw them on the bank for the bird's. Maybe I've been throwing away some good fish / after all they eat the same stuff as spoonies do.


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    thanks for the info bill, and tom I also saw that article in the MDC about them asians. I never tried it neither, but its a thought. I also throw them on the bank and let the kid have fun with them.....keeps them busy for awhile
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    LOL, stop playin with yer fish and get to fishin Willie...:smile2: have never tried the Asians but there is and old feller down the road that makes some killer smoked carp, Oh they are in the process of "commercial netting" the spillway over here at Carlyle lake to reduce the Asian carp, and getting the rave reviews, had a fella tell me yesterday, "what is the big B88CH about the commercial fishing, they are doing a great thing" I said, well yea, this one single effort is a good thing BUT, what you seem to be missing is the fact that this is being done under very close watch, of many eyes, consider the location, set in the car and watch them work, OFCOURSE they are throwing every other fish back into the water! Geeesh, now lets put the same eyes on the rest of the river and all the other rivers and just see what is what!..... My answer was, a slight wink and raised brow, and a rather quick subject change......:confused2: I really hope this 3 week tour, doesn't get used to promote it as a GREAT thing, and a reason why it should be left alone.
    Just my $0.01 worth
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    Thanks for the post. My dad told me that he saw it last night, but I missed it. I've accidentally snagged several 25-30 pounders down there over the past 2 years. I know I've hooked several even larger but I never got them in. They actually make a pretty good cut bait.