Insurance company gripes- what are yours?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by sal_jr, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Ithaca, MI
    Post your gripes here:

    1)A driver tax has been passed by a few states. So if you live in Kansas and get a speeding ticket in New York, the LEIN system will revoke your driver license and youll have a bench warrant issued for your arrest EVEN IF YOU PAID THE TICKET, if you dont pay the driving tax they have levied on anyone who ghets a ticket.

    Just so you know how much of a racket it is, in new york its an additional 100 per year or a lump sum of 300.

    2) The deer population has been decimated in Michigan. Years ago a michigan buck was the standard for monster bucks. Since the insurance companies have gotten entwined with the conservation system, theyve opened deer season wide open and encourage a massive kill every year so that they minimize car-deer accidents. 30,000 deer get hit by cars annually. at an average of 800 in damage, its easier to lobby for more open hunting restrictions then it is to pay the danged repair.

    3) A 20 to 50 dollar monthly surcharge, egged on by insurance companies, will be added to health insurance costs for smokers and taken right out of their checks. Tell fat people to pay extra for the obesity epidemic if we're being fair here! And tell seniors to pay more cause they tend to pass away sooner.... if we're being fair.

    What gripes do you have????

    Post here!
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    WOW!! what a can of worms this subject is. It would be easier to ask what do you like about insurance CO's. That question would be answered short and sweet.
    I will get back to this later.

    Can you say organized crime. LOL.

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    insurance companys have way too much political leverage nowdays! for one, they have turned (whats left) the parks and public fishing areas in this part of the state into virtual do-not-touch museums. no fishing after dusk, no walking on un-paved areas, no bank fishing (too much loose gravel and sticks to trip over....yes that is an excuse given!) , no wading, swimming, and theres is even a city-wide ban in Dayton (think its still in effect but not sure) on sledding for the kids. i could go on with crap that isnt deemed "safe" anymore. in every instance i've heard the excuse that the "insurance companies will not cover us if we do not follow these rules". the Dayton area is not quite as bad as the Cincinnati area but im afraid it will be in the near future.
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    I guess my biggest gripe with my insurance company is they won't write me another policy. Niether will hardly any other insurance company around here.
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    My biggest gripe about insurance companies?......
    A bunch of thieving, immoral, conniving, blood sucking we-are-happy-to-take-your-money-but-we-will-jump-through-hoops-to -get-out -of-paying, legislature bribing, tax dodging, system manipulating, we- will-do-what-we-like-and -there-is-nothing-you-can-do-to stop-us, lowlife scumbags.
    Apart from that they are OK...W