Installing a Keelshield on a Catfish Boat (Video)

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    You have seen Keel Shield exposed on the BOC for well over a year, and we have given away many units over the course of that time in various member giveaways and contest.

    The purpose of a Keel Shield is to provide your boat keel protection and reduce risk in shallow water operation. Its major benefit is the protection of your boats keel when beaching your boat, especially when beached on abrasive concrete embankments.

    For our members who enjoy running and gunning, and using the available structure and log jams nature provided to temporarily anchor your boats position while fishing, this product will extend the life of your boat and help to protect your marine vehicles investment.

    Keel shields are not inexpensive, but they have one of the best warranties in the business. The company boasts a 100% customer satisfaction to the original purchaser, and a no strings attached life-time warranty.

    My past dealings with Keel Shield have shown the company to be very responsive and understands the unique challenges catfisherman demand from their marine vehicles.

    Lets grab a Keel Shield and put it on a boat.


    Do to the shape of the Jon Boats Keel, it was VERY difficult to get the Keel Shield to conform to that center line shape.


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