Inline muzzleloader loads

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    I more or less inherited an .50 inline muzzleloader. It is not one of the new magnums, so it is only good up to 100gr powder charge. I was just wondering what you all have tried and had success with. I am looking for maybe a 100 yard shot, more if possible with testing out the grouping at the range. My wife's dad used to use hollowpoints, but I was wondering if the polymar tipped were much better for accuracy and range.
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    Try different loads. Its the fun part of using a muzzleloader. I had a 50 cal. Thompson Thunderhawk. The 248 grain sabots pushed by 85 grains of loose pyrodex ended up being my most accurate load. At 100 yards it would shoot as well as I could hold steady. It shot better with 85 grain than 100. I never tried the pointy bullets in that rifle before I sold it, but would like to hear about other's successes. The Encore I replaced it with loves 100 grains of loose pyrodex and saboted pointy bullets.

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    If you use the pellets get them in 50 and 30 grain. This will also let you change your loads in even 10s at least. Find the load that is good with the rifle and ammo. Also try different ammo.
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    Pat, new toy! Cool. I'm talking off the top of my head, but the way I take it the twist in the barrel has some to do with it. Takes a faster twist for the sabot conicals to line out. Also I think the No. 11 ignition does better with BP than Pyrodex. I think the musket cap is 3x hotter than the No. 11, and the 209 is 7x hotter than that....I've got the 209 with a 1 in 28" twist, so my load is 100 gr Pyodex with a 250 gr. shockwave sabot & I'm flat shooting like a centerfire at 50 & 100 yards. If yours is the No. 11, with no twist markings on the barrel, I'd try starting at 80gr. of Goex with a 370gr. Maxi-ball & see how it does. If it is a No. 11, that was the cats meow bullet at that time. The conical's & spire point sabots didn't take off till the hotter ignition & the faster twist. My friends older inline, that's it's load. It doesn't like sabots or Pyrodex. It actually shoots well with up to a 100gr. load of Goex, in increments of 5gr., but he's a lil guy, an recoil shy, so it was the best performer for him.