Inks Lake State Park

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    Been Camping and fishing Inks Lake State Park for the last 10 Days. Camping was great the fishing was slow. I baited an existing Anchor point near the dam in 55 ft water. I baited another place near the Fishing Pier by the boat ramp in 15 ft water. I fished with Cut Perch, Chicken Liver, Shrimp, Night Crawlers,and two varietys of Punch Bait. Got one hit on the cut Perch. The Punch bait was the only thing that worked.

    I set out some Anchor Jugs one night and Floating jugs one night. The anchor jugs lost only two baits no fish. The floating jugs caught one 3 ft. needle nose gar. The floating jugs were run the next morning and two jugs were missing. Found one down near the dam about a mile from were it was set. Late that evening we were going out to fish and saw the missing noodle come out from the left bank. Before we could get there a Kayaker started to it. It led him acorss the lake and turned and led him back the way it came and then about mid channel it turned upstream and it looked like the noodle was towing the Kayak. As we arrived we had to yell at the guy to get his attention ( these 4 stroke Yamahas are really quiet.) He turned around with this Puzzled look on his face and ask, "are you doing that?" He thought it was some kind of radio controlled device. When we pulled out a 3 ft Needle nose gar he couldn't believe it. I Would have given anything for a video of that sequence.

    I caught 4 nice Blues that day and two the next. I caught 52 Perch and Gills that afternoon near the fishing Pier. The rest of the time I couldn't catch anything.

    From the taste of the water in the Park I suspect the Lake may be turning over. That may explain why the fishing was so bad. This small lake is constant level and has an unbelievable large supply of Shad. There are lots of Blues in this lake but sometimes they are hard to catch.

    The Park is full on the weekends and nearly empty during the week. The camping was great!
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    OK well Brother it still sounds as if you had a great time.
    Congrats on your catches

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    My wife and I camped at Inks Lake State Park back in 1958. We had bought a tent and it was the first place we went. it was on a weekend and it was full of people. We didn't catch any fish but enjoyed the camping. Where does time go? :eek:oooh:
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    The wife and I fished the Colorado above Inks last week, fishing was slow there also.