Information on Raccoon Lake area

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    I've been hunting with my sons in Bridgeton IN. for several years now but 10 days in the woods doesn't appeal to me as much as it use to especially when I have to cross this very productive looking river twice on each trip to the wood. I was seeking info. on this strech of the racoon it is about 15 miles NE of Terre Haute as the crow flys.
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    Central In
    Charles, unfortunately, I do not know any information on this location. I do want to thank you for clearing up the location you specified. I'm sure another member from indiana will pop in soon, and hopefully they can give you better details. good luck on the hunting AND fishing trips!

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    That's not my part of the state either, but welcome to Indiana and the BOC.
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    the stretch you are asking about can be accessed in two locations, clinton ramp and montezuma ramp, both on the wabash.
    from clinton you will have about a 7 mile run up stream with a few shallow areas to get through but my 18' modified v hull will get through, there are several nice holes and log jams along the way also.
    montezuma is much closer to to the confluence of raccoon creek but there is an area downstream of the ramp my 18 footer doesent like,lol, (verry shallow)...the creek is only about 1.5 miles downstream from the ramp and with a jetdrive or beavertail you would have no problem getting there.
    once you get there, you will find an island at the head of the creek, stay on the west side of the island, seems to be a little deeper. never been up the creek, every time i'v been there the water was to low, but when they start the draw down of raccoon lake this should give one access to get up the creek, and seems like it would realy bring in the fish.
    hope this gives you what your looking for, good luck, be safe and save a few for me.