info required on fishing in California

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  1. fluffchucker

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    Hi guy's
    I am visiting my brother in jan feb time an was hoping someone could help
    me with some info on river fishing nr to thousand oaks, oak park area.what i could expect to catch an tackle needed..
    I don't mind travelling:cool2:

    Many thanks Rob
  2. askins00

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    The best area to go catfishing is lake cachuma just a little north of Santa Barbara. It is about 1.5 hours from where you will be. The best bait is nightcrawlers and mackerel. Hope this helps.

  3. mch4fishing

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    East Texas
    Cachuma is a great lake to fish Try Hot Dogs Dont laughf it works there
    Also Castac Lake Pirimid Lake and Lake Piru produce nice Fish.
    A little longer drive to Lopez Lake One of my All time favorets.
    Good Luck and hope you enjoy your trip
  4. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    Hit me up when your here Rob and I maybe able to take a drive to one of those lakes. Always like to drop a line with new or members I have not met. I am in Fresno.
  5. plumbertom1

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    Eugene, Or.
    Hard to say the fish will cooperate in Jan-Feb time frame but Lake Cacitas is kicking a few nice channels right now. Best bait seems to be mackerel or the packaged bait called Catmando in mackerel flavor. Nothing good to say about Castaic or Pyramid right now for cats bot the stripes are always there when the trout are being planted. Lopez is turning out a few channels right now but no big 'uns. Sorry to tell you that there are no rivers in So.Ca. that are suitable for catfish. Closest is the Colorado on the Ca.-Az. state line or the San Joaquin in the Fresno area, but I can't tell you anything about it as I have never fished it except in the delta area. Running water closest to where you will be is the California Striper Highway, other wise known as the aqueduct and it's just over the hill inland. I would suggest that you try some of our great ocean fishing for rock fish but the season will be closed during your visit. Hope this helps you plan your visit, So. CA. is a great place to live and the fishery is being continuously improved with the limited water resource we have here.