Info on the James River?

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  1. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    To start out, not looking for anyones honey holes.. But what part of the James does everyone have the best luck Fishing from a boat? I have been across it a lot of times. When I drove a truck. But have never gotten to fish it. May try to get a few from Tn to make a trip up to fish the James. And wondering what time of year is best?
    And what part would be best to fish if your looking for a few Big Blues to CPR there?
    Also how does everyone fish there? Anchored? Or what?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Dallison

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    Don't worry about asking for the honey the James there are so many and it seems people on the boards are willing to share....
    have fun and if you catch a monster let it go so maybe I'll catch day

  3. JPritch

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    You're heading into prime season....Nov-Mar.

    Come on down! I think if you're new to the river, you should hire a guide. Then maybe venture out on your own after that. Just so much to learn on your own if you're only coming down a few days. If you do, study a map really well and try to stay between the channel markers. Alot of hazards on the river. Bait has been a little tough to find this year. Structure...pilings, lay downs, wrecks, deep holes, channel edges, all good spots. Use big bait and bring stout gear. Which bridge did you come over? Benjamin Harrison, 295, 895.....all three, the fishing is great as far as you can see on either side.
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    Here is all you need to know about the James.Get your friends together and hire Capt Hugh.He wont even eat lunch unless there has been a 20 brought aboard.:smile2::eek:oooh::wink:He will get you on the big ones for sure and keep you laughing all day.The next 5 months are the best IF you can stand a little cold weather.Just dress appropriately and get ready for action.A 40lb blue fighting you with the tidal current of the river will keep you warm I promise.:smile2::crazy:
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    Josh is right right now is the time to head down there,with the water cooling down the blues will be heading for deeper water and are easer to find.The river can be trickey with mud flats right off the channel.I have been going down for five years now and am spoiled with the james river I don't think there is a better river for cats over 40 and up.Have a good fishfinder,fresh shad and fish the channel drops bends and bridges and you will find fish.I like fishing water from 18 to 50 foot deep.You will need heavy rods line sinkers which I use 8 to 10 oz.Ther is good fishing from south of Richmond clear past Jordons Point at Hopewell.Good luck Jerry

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    I had to eat. I could'nt wait any longer. LOL! Would have starved waitin on that 20. LOL! Did I mention "JIGGIN" :crazy: