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    just thought i would put together a little artical on pack bait,so here it goes.

    there are two differnt things that go into pack baits, binders and breakers,here are the binders

    flour,rye meal,cake mixes,cookie mixes,soybean meal(can be used as both binder and breaker),blended loaf bread(use sparingly,to much will "lock up" a bait and it will not break down),cooked craked corn(if cooked to googy stage will bind baits),instant grits(when lightly dampend will bind any bait).

    here are some breakers.cracked dry uncooked corn,millit,dry rice,soybean meal,dry corn meal,wheat bran.

    here are some pack bait recipes.

    millit,4 parts millit,1 part flour,corn or kayro syrup,DRY koolaid flavor.
    mix millit,flour and DRY koolaid together and add syrup untill it gets "wet" and let set at room temperature for a couple hours.

    soybean bait,
    5 pounds soybean meal
    2 can cream corn
    bottle of banana nut or other flavoring
    just mix it all together till it will pack,it is that every 5 pounds soybean meal add 2 cans of cream corn).

    oat bait,
    2 BIG can's of quick oats
    2 cans cream corn
    DRY koolaid flavor.
    just mix all together untill they will pack.another easy one.

    well i hope i have made some ones carping experinace a little easyer with this info on pack bait.some of this i got frome the net but most of it i know off hand and i hope i have been some help to every body persuing this creat and wonderful sport fish the carp.