inflatable pontoon

Discussion in 'Kayaker and Canoe Fishing' started by wedge17.6, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. wedge17.6

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    copan ok
    Has anyone fished for blues out of one of these one man pontoons, good, bad or a dumb idea? when they move up into the shollow water it would be a way to get up on them,,, what do you think???
  2. rush_60

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    Troy, KS
    Not a bad idea. I'd stay away from the cheaper ones. you want to make sure you get the pontoons made with heavier/better material. You'd also be sitting alot higher so the wind would be a bigger factor. They're are not a real long distance boat if your paddling but you can mount trolling motors on some of them. Let us know how it works out if you end up getting one.