Inexpensive Rod Protector

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    Every time I haul my rods in either the back of my truck or in my boat I am afraid something has come loose and sled over my rods and broke them. It has happened on a few occasions. So I came up with a cheap protector that I think will work pretty good.

    Items needed:1. 10' length of thin wall PVC pipe- $7:00
    2. One end cap- $2:50
    3. Two 5in. pipe clamps- $3:00
    4. One 6" barn door handle- $2:50
    5. Small can of glue

    Assembly: 1. Slide rod in PVC to get the length you need.
    2. Cut pipe and glue on end cap.
    3. Slide all your rods in that you would normally carry and
    pick up the pipe and find where it is balanced and mark
    it because this is where you will put the handle.
    4. Attach handle with pipe clamps

    Assembly time: 10 min.