Indiana Members? - BOC Fishoff?

Discussion in 'LOCAL INDIANA TALK' started by ThaWstSide, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. ThaWstSide

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    Is there anybody from Indiana going to join, or interested in joining the Fall Fish-Off here on the BOC? If you are I am interested in your feedback, if you have done it before... etc...

    I am considering joining in on it, but wanted to get some ideas on past events from your perspective...
  2. kyleco55

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    Central In
    i fished in the last one jim. our team didnt do to well, but it was fun.. team participation is a must.. in the past, there have been guys sign up, then when the time comes, they dissapear.. that hurts the rest of your team!

    i had fun, and i would recommend trying it if you got the extra cash laying around, and you can communicate with your team, and participate! even if you only catch 1 fish, enter it.. then when a bigger one comes along, you can enter it too.. We missed out on a chance to win a livewell this time around because a few of our team members caught small fish, and refused to enter them, thinking they would catch bigger ones later.. and that never happened.

  3. bream reaper

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    I had a blast fishing in the Spring fish-off! Made 3 friends I otherwise might not have. One of our members even made us t-shirts (thanks Teri). I' won't be in the Fall event since I'll be hunting.