Indian Lake cat

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    Dave Pohlschnei
    0825172310.jpg Recently caught this fish at Indian Lake. It was 30" - 32" I am unsure of the weight. I was guessing 15LBish. I was told by another person probably more towards the 20lb mark. I am also unsure of the species of catfish it is. Person that quoted the 20lb estimate said it was a channel in spite of the coloring. I have seen many channels, never one with such coloration. He said he based that on the fact it had a forked tail. So a little help would be appreciated. I had a bigger one on a week ago, But I broke my own rule that a fish should never break the line. Alas due to a poorly set drag and I believe that I did not tie a fresh not before fishing the big one got away. I caught the one pictured on a live bluegill, the other hit on a bluegill head.