Inconsiderate fisherman :-(

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by photocat, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    I was down at the river killing time trying to find some of the trout that were recently stocked into the river and saw a family fishing using sticks w/ some line, bobbers and a hook attached (not really catching much, but neither did I casting way father into the river). They left and i thought they had cleaned up after them selves... There were alot of dogs on the trials because despite the trails being muddy from the recent rains and melting snow it was a nice warm day and the dogs liked being out...

    I went to where they were fishing a little later to just get a couple more casts in and as i'm getting the casts in one of the loose dogs (shouldn't be loose but thats another issue, he wasn't a menece, just curious) comes over and starts sniffing around... i look over and the family who'd been fishing there left their sticks there, with HOOKS still attached and BAIT STILL ON THE HOOKS which i found out when i cleaned up their mess that it was lunch meat. Anyway the dog found the lunch meat on one of the hooks and i got it away from him, but as i was getting that one cleaned up he went over to another and took the little piece of meat... I shooed him away from it, or did my best to and he still had the meat (i think with hook) in his mouth and growled, then walked down the bank alittle bit....DRAGGING THE STICK W/ Bobber (all i could see) behind him. the stick stopped and he didn't so i think that either the hook came off because they didn't tie a good knot (i guess that would be thankfully, don't know if the dog will have problems later because of the hook if there was one or not)... I found the rest of the rods in the area , immediatley took the hooks off and all the tackle i could use off of them... wrapped the line around the stick and tossed them in a pile to put in the back of my truck when i went back to it (hooks and bobbers went in my pocket)...

    I couldn't believe that a family who'd seen the dogs and such around and people walking, would be that inconsiderate to just leave the sticks that they had been using, let alone with the hooks still on them and worse yet, BAIT STILL ON THOSE HOOKS..:roll_eyes: :angry: :sad2: :beat_brick: :amazed: :cry: :embarrassed_2: :angry_2: :waaaht: :ah: :too_sad: :what:

    These are the fisherman who make it so hard for fisherman to have access to different places. IF you see someone leave something behind, catch up to them and tell them... If they don't care get their plate #'s or a description and report them to the police AND DNR... then clean up their mess after them if its at all possible. Please don't let them ruin the waters and the opportunities for us all.
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    I am a huge dog lover,How inconsiderate and inhumane to leave that stuff lying around! I am so happy you did what you did and I hope the poor feller who got the one didn't get more than he bargained for! Thank you for cleaning up the mess!:crazy: :sad2: :angry:

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    i had a dog get a fish hook stuck in his mouth and ill tell you he was in pain....and it costed me 150 to have the hook removed cause i couldnt do it so i took him to the vet!!
    i dislike when ppl make a mess myself but no matter how hard you try ppl will just continue to do it,those are the ppl that lack respect and or is ashamed that it can cause everyone to suffer and they dont care!!but yea report them if you see them doing things such as that it might not help right away but it will when the cops and dnr get so many calls
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    Louisville Ohio
    People like that must be stupid, low life, SOBs...I could go on but I doen't want to be get my drift.
  5. zappaf19

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    I would like to thank you for watching out for the pooches! I too am a dog lover. If more people were like you the banks and water would be alot cleaner!
    Thank You
  6. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    Yea thats the way people act then get angry when some one says some to them
  7. rebcatman

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    Manassas, Virginia
    They sound like some of the folks down my way.
  8. jsharper

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    Yeah, I could go on and on about this, trash in the lake , inconsiderate boater, jerks that steal your fish and lines, etc. We have all seen the slobs. I really try to be correct and try to teach the people with me to do it right. I clean up some trash. Just do your part. Every little bit helps.

  9. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    Thanks for cleaning up their mess.

    If it were my dog, the meat and hook would have been in his throat or belly before I would even have had time to react.

    I hope that family caught a flat tire on the way home.
  10. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    It seems that I'm always cleaning up someones mess by the river! Why do people think that its ok to do this? If it happened to them you can bet they would say something but god forbid it's thier fault!
    Please keep our waters clean!
  11. meat_hunter

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    Clarksville, TN
    I agree. there are some rude people out there and the worst place to go and see that is truman dam. beer bottles and trash all over the banks its rather disgusting.
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    Clarksville, TN
    Jim you are to be thanked for your work as a good BOC fisherman and a friend to man kind
  13. catfishbill33

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    Clarksville, TN
    Also thanks for your service to our country
  14. bank bouncer

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    Just think that father is tutoring them young kids on what they believe is acceptable. It will take sometime if ever before these kids understand the wrong doings that they have been taught, that is the true crime here. Yes it has an immediate effect on the quality of our river banks and the availability to access these true wonders. I have made it a point to share my love and respect for these "diminishing beauties" to the youth of today, so maybe one day my grandchildren will be able to enjoy the same. I would like to thank you for your actions.
  15. floundahman

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    North Caro
    I'd like to add my thanks to you for cleaning up the mess. I fish with my kids and try to instill in them to "leave it better than you found it". That's a frequent quote from one of those outdoors shows on Versus. I hate the thought of a dog walking off with a hook in his tongue or in his craw. Thanks again.
  16. Mickey

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    Ditto on this post . I agree 150%.:big_smile: :big_smile:
  17. Wyocatman

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    Centralia, Illinois
    I know it sounds silly but i feel sorry for"some" of these people. They probably weren't taught any different and are to ignorant to know any better. If you really want to make it a cleaner and safer place to fish, be a role model for everyone around you. Pick up after everybody and make sure that it is noticed or try to sponser a public cleanup day. The more people that participate and take pride in their waterways, the harder it will be for ignoramouses to to be "unlearned".

    Just my opinion, Dru
  18. ka_c4_boom

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    couldnt agree more , its simple disrespect . and like others have said its past down from one generation to the next . people who dont care or dont pay attention to what they are doing tend to have kids that do the same , makes you wonder how their homes look , do they trash them out like they do the rest of the world . iv been tempted to say a few things to people bout their behavior on and off the water , rudeness goes two ways though just because they have no respect does that give me the right to disrespect them in front of their kids by calling them out and explaining what they are doing wrong , would i be in the right for trying to teach as i was taught , would the offending member of soceity learn anything and or adhear to my way of keeping our planet and all its water ways clean or would i be shunned and cursed for what is right in my eyes .
  19. talk2sampson

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    smithville mo
    I too am a HUGE dog lover, so I give my thanks for looking after them pooches. Nice job on cleaning up too. If everyone was as responsable as you our outdoors would be a much more beautiful. Nice work.
  20. plainsman

    plainsman New Member Supporting Member

    thanks for cleanin up, I really hate slobs like that, nothin worse than fishin and gettin caught up in a nest of fishin line left on the bank, or thrown in the water. did ya ever notice the increasing number of no trespassing signs lately? I understand landowners not wanting folks trashing their land, but its folks who trash a place that reinforce to landowners to put up no trespassing signs. I remember once we were hunting private land, we stopped and had lunch, and when we got done the land owner commented when he saw us puttin the trash into the container we brought it in so we could carry it out. He appreciated it, and told us how those who leave their trash layin around don't get permission again.