In some areas of the Illinois River, carp account for 75 percent of the population

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    the fish population.

    Barrier to protect Lake Michigan from Asian carp delayed
    Associated Press

    Chicago ­ The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has postponed turning on an electrified barrier designed to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan.

    The barrier was scheduled to be activated Monday, but tests show the electric field has extended beyond its 800-metre boundaries. Out of safety concerns, the Corps wants to fix the barrier before switching it on.

    Chuck Shea, barrier project manager for the Corps, said the goal is to have the problem corrected next week.

    Asian carp, which can grow to 45 kilograms, can eat up to 40 per cent of their body weight each day. Biologists worry that they could rob Lake Michigan's popular sporting fish of their food supply. That could create a problem for the commercial and sport fishing industry, which is worth an estimated $4.5-billion annually to the Great Lakes region.

    The electric barriers are strung along the bottom of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.

    While the new $9.1-million barriers are being fixed, a temporary barrier set up four years ago is being used. Mr. Shea said legislation is pending in Congress that would make the temporary barrier a permanent backup.

    At their maximum power, the new barriers emit one volt of electricity per inch. In the area where the electricity has overflowed, the voltage is about one/100th of that power.

    Tests show that the voltage in the water beyond the barrier's boundaries isn't strong enough to electrocute a human being, but workers have to wear special life vests that keep their heads above water.

    To keep sparks from flying between vessels in the electrified water, the U.S. Coast Guard has set up a barrier safety zone in which barges cannot pass each other and must be tied together.

    Fish farmers first used Asian carp to help keep their ponds clean, but flooding allowed them to get into the Mississippi River and eventually the Illinois River.

    In some areas of the Illinois River, carp account for 75 per cent of the fish population.
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    Where I fish in the Illinois River there are asian carp. Luckily its not 70% of the entire fish population. Every weekend at least one jumps into the boat and it ends up getting it's head stomped on. I wish I could kill more of them. One this past weekend hit my girlfriend in the head.

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    Down at Horseshow Lake in So. Il. there are so much weeds that the carp may help.
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    guys, stop complaining & start eating. They're good! :big_smile: