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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by wolfman, Oct 29, 2005.

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    Walter Flack
    I would like to take this time to recognize a fine young man and his accomplishments. 16 year old Ryan Simcox, also known as Flatasaurus Rex to us here on the BOC has come a long ways in a short amount of time as a catfish angler. Ryan and his dad ( DH ) were the first members of the BOC that I have met in person back in 2003. At that time we met up and went flathead fishing on the Ohio river at Bellaire, Ohio. I took Ryan and DH to a spot where we fished off a retired barge which was one of my favorite bank spots in the area. That evening Ryan caught his first ever flathead that weighed 15 pounds. Since that night, Ryan has caught flatheads on a regular basis up to today with his personal best flathead being 48 pounds caught in 2004 only a week after catching a 44 pounder prior to that. This year Ryan caught his first ever Blue cat and shortly after that caught his personal best catfish, 54 pound Blue cat out of the Ohio river. Not bad for a 16 year old catfisherman. At 42 Im still trying to get over that 30 pound mark,lol.
    So, hats off to you Flatasaurus Rex for your success and accomplishments in the past three years. DH brother, you have created a
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    Walter, great post man!
    I've met ryan and Dh both at the georgia gathering. I found both to be very fine people. Hats off to ya Eric.Fine boy you raised there. Well mannered and very friendly.Although he does blush pretty easy.
    LOL Congrats agin Ryan,loved the pics of that big blue!

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    ryan sounds like a great young man and
    its cool to see our youth getting involved with their fathers in a
    wholesome passtime like the sport of fishing.
    he has a lot of us beat !!lol
    great post wolfman and congrats to you ryan way to go !
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    Walter, great post brother,I have also got to meet them both and I am here to tell you they are some very outstanding people. Ryan is the finest youg man I have ever had the honnor of meeting.
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    Great post! Thanks for letting all of us know about Ryan.

    Ryan congratulations on all those fine catches! Fishing will do many things for you. It will help you find peace of mind when life seems to be moving too fast, it will help make you many fine friends, it will help you discover the love of nature and all the animals, not to mention the great sunrises and sunsets you get to view. There are so many advantages to fishing, so remember on life's path that fishing is always a right choice in life. Not to mention, you can eat them, or release them, whichever you prefer. I would venture to guess that at your young age, you will catch even larger catfish thru out the years and have many wonderful memories to look back on, later in life.
    Young people like you give me hope in our youth and future of mankind.
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    Great catches there Ryan. I bet Dad is proud. I can only hope for a Cat that large. Keep up the good work there Ryan.
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    I had the honor of meeting Ryan and Eric on our recent trip to Wewa, Fl. and I have to say Ryan is one of the finest young men I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Congrats Ryan on all those big catches.
    Hats off to Dh also for raising such a fine young man, I truly enjoyed meeting them both.

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    Good post Walt. Ryan is a good guy. I've had the pleasure of fishin with him several times. And to think his dad had him do it all from the front of the boat. LOL!
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    Here is a BIGatta boy-go get em