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    Ok, first off, this is my first boat with anything other than paddles or a trolling motor, so yall be easy on me! I got a 1987 Lowe, 17 footer, 75 Johnson SeaHorse outboard (I think the motor is an 84' model). Boat ran like a sewing machine when I bought it, but the last trip out I had a whole slew of problems with it, and don't know where to start, thought maybe you guys could help me out a little.

    1. Won't shift into reverse. Goes forward just fine, but it does nothing but chatter and rattle when I try to shift into reverse. Loose cable maybe? What should I look for?

    2. Tilt/trim. Motor will tilt up, but won't go down. It's got two switches, one on the bow by the trolling motor, and one on the steering console. I don't think it's a switch problem, because both switches will raise the engine, but neither will lower it. Once again, I have no idea where to even start on that one.

    3. Bilge Pump. Works intermittently. I'm thinking maybe the hose is just clogged. The pump will turn on after you cuss it a little bit, but instead of shooting water out like normal, it just kinda dribbles out the side. I replaced some of the wire on it already, thinking maybe I didn't get a real good connection either. Maybe a bad pump too. Suggestions?

    4. Livewell overflows if you turn areator on. Another clogged line maybe?

    5. Baitwell won't fill up. ......?

    6. Engine bad about flooding. I'm guessing bad plugs?

    7. Battery won't hold a charge very well. The battery isn't much over a year old, still in good shape, but just flat out died while we were trolling. Never done that before, and we were only trolling for about an hour, where normaly we can troll for a few hours and still have everything fire up just fine. It's a single 12 volt battery, maybe I should figure out how to wire another one in? Or just think I need a new one?

    8.. When I try to throttle up to run from one spot to enother across open water, it kinda seems like the prop will catch, then all the sudden lose "traction" and spin for awhile, then catch again after I plane out some. Like I said, when I bought it, and the first few times I took it out I didn't have this problem, and I havn't changed the way I operate it since, but this thing keeps happening. The prop is a little dinged up here and there but nothing horrible, and everything seems tight on it. Maybe related to the tilt/trim thing?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated yall. It seems like one thing after another is happening with this boat, when I think I got one thing fixed, something else happens, then the thing I just fixed comes back to haunt me again, in fact it stranded me on Beaver Lake in Arkansas this past weekend, had to paddle for about four hours before we got lucky and another boat came by and towed us to a Marina where we could get a ride back to the truck. It was embarrassing to say the least. I don't want to find myself in that situation again. The guys were nice and understanding that helped us out, but I know they had better things to do than haul us around at night. Thanks again in advance guys.
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    (1) there is a adjustment knob at the engine end of the shifting cable .. loosen the clamp and turn the knob so that it pushes or pulls it a bit more into reverse

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    Stuart 1st off welcome to the BOC ; it,s a great site for info ,an to get to meet some great people.
    Sorry i can,t help a lot with your boat problems , if i understood # 7 on your list u r using 1 battery for everything. If this is correct you need at least 2 batteries 1 for cranking motor an 1 for the trolling motor [DEEP CYCLE ]this should help

    also post in BUBBA,S OUTBOARDS he could probably help you with some info
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    Gosh, it would be easier to help you if there was only one problem. Lets see what we can do...

    1. Couple of things it could be. Most costly would be a damaged lower unit. Gears, unfortunately do where out. It could also be a simple matter of doing a sync and link on your carbs and setting your cables correctly. Since you just bought the boat, I'd suggest the first thing you do is spend the 35.00 to 40.00 and get the appropriate repair manual for the motor. I would think in this case it is probably a cable adjustment, at least I hope it is for your wallet. You may want to service y our lower unit and put new fluid into it. This gives you a chance to check the old oil for metal shavings/filings and if the lower unit leaks. If your oil is dark brownish coloring or reddish, its okay. If it is milkish you have a leak in the lower unit. Go to an auto parts store, like Napa or Auto Zone and order the washers that fit on your drain and fill plugs. Put new oil in and run it in a lake/river. When you get home, check the oil to see if it is still milkish. If it is, you got some major seals leaking and the lower unit will probably need a rebuild.

    2. The solenoid for your tilt/trim is probably shot. Reverse the red/black wires and see if it reverses the problem. If it does, it is the solenoid. About $40.00 unless you can find a used one.

    3. Bilge pump has probably picked up some trash. It is a simple procedure to remove the case and clean the unit. Disconnect the battery first...wouldn't want your fingers bit. LOL

    4. If you have a limiting switch on the live well, it is not working. If no limiting switch, then it was designed for you to manually turn the pump on and off.

    5. Did you install the plug? Or is the motor shot?

    6. Probably dirty carbs not letting the needle valve seat properly, shutting off the fuel.

    7. Your battery was either not fully charged, or it has some dead cells. Take it to an auto zone and they'll check the status of the battery free. Believe Sears will do it also, but they charge you for it.

    8. You either have some dirty high speed jets, or the rubber hub in your prop is disintegrating. Disconnect the spark plug leads, put the pull rope on the fly wheel, and while putting pressure against the prop, have someone jerk the flywheel rope. It it kicks your foot off, the props okay. I would think you need to rebuild those carbs anyhow. You got a motor you know very little about, so start from scratch and like, do a tune up on the motor.
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    Just wondering why this thread was not getting response.