In-line trolling boards

Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by Stevej, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Stevej

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    East-central Mississippi
    Went out to the lake this morning for about 3 hrs to give my new boards a try, first time I have ever even seen one in the water. Got 9 crappie, 3 cats and 1 bass before my year old EverStarts gave it up, may need to find some better batteries or need a new TM to replace my old Johnson, boy I love that TM. I bought 2 small Church TX-6 in lines to try with the Bandits. Caught 3, 1 keeper, on the boards. That was after I changed color to the one they were hitting on the flatlines. Having a hard time telling when I have a bite but I believe I may be able to learn. The 2 biggest were 1 lb 2 and 1 lb 0 which are very nice fish for Okatibbee and the biggest came on the board. They will hit the Cabela Grave Diggers too. Best colors were pearl/chartruse back and red craw. So, if anyone has an experience with these things I sure would like some pointers.

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    I have a buddy that drags bandits with planer boards. He has won the last 4 tournaments doing that.