In a river, does barge traffic effect the catfish?

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    Tonight me and another BOC Brother (BigKane) were fishing down at a new fishing hole. it was a picture perfect place to catch large catfish and especially the predatory Flathead. it was right next to a decent size feeder creek that fed into a large slow flowing river. there was a deep channel the came fairly rapidly up to a sand bar that was about 10-12 feet deep and sloped up toward the bank to about 6 feet until about 20 feet out where it gradually met the bank. the feeder creek had a deeper hole in front of it where it dumped in that created what seemed to be a bowl shape that gradually met the surrounding sand bar. perfect for feeder fish to be in and the flatheads to do their thing and hunt. we fished all over the mouth of the feeder, in the deep hole, around it, then out from the edge of the deep channel, up to the top of the deeper section of the sandbar and even in the edge of the shallower section.

    we figured that when the barges would tavel through that they would stir things up and possible drive some bait fish upto the flat, causing the bigger fish to fallow and hunt. however, it seemed that after, and directly before a barge would pass we would get a run, then other times it would actually do just the opposite. now we really didnt have that many runs over the evening, but we did have a lot of barge traffic.

    my question is, does the barge trafic effect the fishing, if so is it possitive or negative?

    sorry for the long build up to a simple question.