Improving gas mileage with gadgets

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by Nobody Special, Feb 22, 2006.

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    I got one that really works. I parked my F150 pickup with the V-8 and started driving my Plymouth Neon. I almost doubled my gas

  3. TeamCatHazzard

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    grumpy, yea I dont believe in any of that "Saves Gas" gadgets they are just a waste of money. They dont work worth a darn its just a gimmic.
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    My gas milage is incredible. My truck breaks down so much and gets towed. I get almost 100 mpg. lol
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    I agree that's probably one of the best methods.I leave my Explorer and Town Car parked alot more of the time and squeeze my big butt into the wife's Escort.That's the only way I've found to increase my milage.
    You can water your gas down and save money,You can go 2-3 times longer between fillups if it won't run long enough to get out of the driveway.LOL..
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    I have always been skeptical of these gadgets as well. I have however read quite a few good things about the tornado fuel savers but have not personally used one due to the cost. Can anyone give us real world statistics from the use of one? I don't feel you can properly test that particular device with the vehicle standing still. It relies on the airflow to do its supposed job. No forced air = no improvement. Just curious if anyone here as actually tried one and what the results were.
  7. Mutt

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    just keep the engine in good tune and repair and drive with a bit of conservation on your mind keep the tires aired up properly. thats about the only way to get your best milage them gadgets just dont work.
  8. cook

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    If it seems too good to be true.........:0a34:
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    Remember when I was a kid at the state fair there was always somebody selling a "wonder" device for a car engine. The guy would have it set up on a car engine, he would run the engine without it and run it with it... it look very impressive. It was a gimmick to get your money. If there was something simple to increase millage and performance the car manufacturer's would already be using them.
  10. wpsatisfide

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    Yeah all those are pretty much bull crap. There are a number of things you can do to increase gas mileage and performance though. These all work. When I bought my explorer i got 15 miles to gallon on average. I now get around 18.

    1. Remove any bugguards, wings, roof racks, etc. from car. Added drag reduces windresistance and increases gas consumption. Cost $0

    2. Install a k&n intake This will increase gas mileage and its the first thing i did to my truck. Gave me 1-2 mpg more. As for more horsepower I cant tell a whole lot of difference and have no way to say for sure. Have read lots of things stating that they do though. Cost $300-350 but you never have to buy a air filter again

    3. Best way to save gas. Easy pressure to gas pedal. If i keep my rpms under 2 when accelerating I can get another 1-2 mpg. I dont do it because I feel like a turtle but it will save more gas than anything else. Cost $0 and a little pride.
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    The I say the more I see on all the gadgets is, hmmm someone is making good money off desperate people. My ole ford pickemuptruck AKA fishing truck only gets me about 10mpg no matter how I drive it or what I am towing so I live with it and beat the fuel pumps on commuter car, a Honda Insight which gets a lousy 54-56 MPG now thats how you save gas!!!!
  12. SubnetZero

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    I actually added a couple mpg by switching to synthetic oil.. Though with the cost diff from conventional oil, dont think im really saving anything..... I did notice on my 4 wheeler and lawn tractor a HUGE diff in vibration when I put synthetic in them, much much less... They seemed to run a whole lot smoother and a tad bit cooler.
  13. wpsatisfide

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    Pawleys Island, SC
    Im running synthetic in my truck also and that may be adding to gas mileage a little. It is a little more expensive but changing every 10,000 (bottle says it makes it to 15,000) the oil looks much better than after 4000 with normal oil. I figure cost is only slightly higher for synthetic.
  14. coalminer78

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    If these gadget worked they would be on the car. The manufactures would use them to bump up gas mileage to sell more cars.
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    I havent tried much, but Ive been reading increasing reports about folks who add acetone to their gas- A small amount- like 3 oz per 10 gallons, and they say it really adds the mileage. I have not tried this but Ill tell ya, I consider it every time the wife takes the polish off her nails with that little stinky bottle.

    Those who oppose it say it can corrode rubber fuel lines, deactivating any warranties and potentially causing the engine to break down as well cause it is hard on seals.
    On the other hand, a few mechanics on the car site I read it on say it does NOT adversely affect the lines and seals, it in fact cleans them, causing whatever pitts and breaks gummed up by other impurities to come loose, thus exposing weaknesses already present before ading acetone.

    One fello added it to his lawn mower and tractor before trying it on his truck and he said everything works much much better with less smoke and more efficiency.

    Id be curious to see if using both the acetone in the gas and synthetic oil in the pan will make a marked enough difference to really ease up on my gas bill.

    Does anyone know about this or could you give any more insight to the idea?
  16. Deltalover

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    I just bought a "geo metro" with a 3 cylinder engine! It gets 40+ plus mpg. With 3 good sized guys, it still zips around pretty good and will cruise at 75 mph!:)
  17. bigflathunter

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    I will attest to the K&N filter adding fuel mileage, I added the cone filter to my truck and I also removed the void air box from the intake on my truck. This upped my mpg from 26 to about 28. I also added a less restrictive exhaust which added another mpg.

    The tornado is a joke. Anyone who owns a 98+ GM vehicle with a Vortec engine has the "cyclonic" action already built in to the intake runners on the cylinder heads. That's part of why it's called a vortec engine, the cylinder heads create a vortex action in the intake, creating better fuel/air mix, giving better fuel economy.

    The other thing I did to my truck was remove the clutch fan from the front of the engine and installed an electric fan. I know the extra amp draw will create more work for the alternator, leaving more work for the engine, but it is rare that I have to turn the fan on since my truck is always moving enough to keep the temp in check. So that got me another half mpg or so.
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    This may not be the thread to post this but it does pertain to cars.
    I need a radio for a 1977 chevy Nova. Anyone know where I can purchase one please pm me . Thanks