Improvement on rod holders.

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    I'm not sure if this is right spot and apologize if it aint, but here goes. I was looking for some homemade rod holders for my jon boat but and came across the ones that are made of 6" PVC that have a notch cut in the front and a hole in the back. I decided I would make one, to see if I liked it before I made all 8, so I did and I liked it. I was going to make the others but got to noticing that there was a few things that I didn't like. The things I didn't like were that my baitcasting reels would roll over in them and they weren't quick release. I got to looking and found a fellow member that put edging material on his to keep the rods from rolling, that fixed that problem but they still weren't quick release. I went to mom and dad's tonight, to take my boys to visit, and asked Pop if he had any ideas on how to fix this problem. After we did some talking he went to the building and pulled out some old rod holders that my late great uncle had made and gave him about 15-20 years ago. They were made very similar but had a couple of changes. First of all they had an extra piece riveted to the front so there could be a notch for the trigger on a casting rod to sit and hold the reel upright, second they had a groove cut in the bottom so that they were adjustable, and third the hole in the back was cut out the side in an angle so that they were quick release. Pop let me borrow one to look at while making my own and I decided to take a couple of pics and post them to share this idea in case any others have had this problem or would like to make a few. The first pic is of the notch cut for the trigger on a casting rod, the second is a pic of the hole in the back cut out the side, and the third is an overall pic.

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    Thanks for sharing your rod holder idea. Looks good. Welcome to the BOC, Garrett.:0a22::0a25::0a25:

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    That's a neat idea. I'd probably drill a series of holes to make it adjustable instead of the groove - then you don't have to worry about it slipping in the groove.

    Why does it matter if your casting reels turn over? I guess if you're fishing in still water and you need to reel in slack line. I guess it doesn't matter to me since I mostly drift fish or fish in the river.