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    I just wanted to tell everyone just how important electronics are. I have been working in the office for a week and had not been on the water at all. I fished this past Friday and Saturday. I have been telling everyone about how I Drift Fish using the Drift Socks. Well I want to show you how important your Electronics are.
    The last day I fished last week the fish the fish where in 40-60 feet of water on 45 degree water temps. This weekend the water temps had warmed up to 48.9 degrees.
    Friday I was running out toward the deep water watching my graph. I ALWAYS watch my electronics while running into shore, out to go, or across the lake. When I got to the 50 foot water I noticed all the fish where suspended up off the bottom in 25-30 feet deep. So I moved out of the deep water and started drifting out of 20 feet dropping into 40 feet. All my bites came in that 25-30 feet range. We had 352 lbs of fish with a 46, 40, 31, 30, 24, 24, 23, 22, and a 20 pound blues with smaller crack fillers as well.
    Saturday the air temps dropped, water temps dropped to 46 degrees. I was running over the water and noticed the fish had dropped back a little to 35-40 feet out in the 40 foot waters. Most of the time cats like break lines where the bottom is dropping into the deep. Sometime they just get out away from break lines into the deep or shallows. So I drifted the 35-40. we caught 57, 53, 32, 27, 25, pound fish with crack fillers to boot. I had a flat on my boat trailer so an friend of mine took my fish to the cleaners and I did not get a count and total weight. But the weight was up there.
    So see use your electronics to tell you where to fish.