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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    So, the other day, I'm driving down a dirt road, and I spy an all-too-common scene...a row of big cat heads impaled on fence posts, and it made me think...

    Imagine a world where catfish get some respect.

    Where commercial gear is no longer called "sporting", and made legal.

    Where one fisherman=one rod/one hook.

    Where people don't kill everything they catch for fish-frys for 50 or 60 of their closest friends.

    Where all of the big, old fish, the Tribal Elders, are returned to the water un-harmed.

    Where cats are treated like bass and trout are now.

    Imagine the fishing...
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    Yeah i feel your pain but imagine a lake where nobody releases any thing except bass and walleye and you'd get a picture of what is happening hare i havent seen any cats over 5 lbs in the last three years and the fishermen with those baskets of dinks are worse

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    there is a spirited debate over that issue and gamefish status going on on the North Carolina board re: Legislation for catfish. You guys need to weigh in on this one.
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    the reason i like to catfish is because of all the options i have in the way i fish.. If i want to run a trotline to get some food then i can. If i want to sit on a riverbank with 5 rods and release everything i catch, i can. It doesnt bother me to see a bunch of big cat heads on a fense because i know that those fish were eaten.

    I do not want to see alot more regs on catfishing. As a matter of fact i can think of only one that i would like to see. I would like there to be a slot on fish size, the way that the great state of Texas does with Redfish. This would increase the size of breeding fish while still letting folks keep enuff fish to eat.

    I may be wrong to alot of folks on this site, but this is the way i feel about catfishing. I understand that some folks here will not keep a fish to eat, but that is your choice not mine.