I'm Thinking Of Getting A Penn Reel For A Shakespeare Tiger Rod

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by tnkatman, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. tnkatman

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    Bluff City, TN
    I Want To Put A Penn Reel On My Shakespeare Tiger Rod, I've Never Owned Or Used A Penn. Do These Reels Have A Casting Brake On Them Or Is It Just Using Your Thumb ? What Penn Reel Would You Suggest ? I Want Something That Will Hold Quite A Bit Of 40# Mono. Thanks For Your Help And Suggestions.
  2. Iowa_Josh

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    MOSt of them are thumb only. there are some mag reels that have _magnets_ to help you out. there was a mag10 and some other reels with mag in the name but I haven't seen one with a level wind.

  3. Backwater

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    I would suggest a Jig Master 500 or a 209M. The jig master will cast further but takes a little longer to master with no levelwind. The 209 is a levelwind. The 500 will hold 275 of 30lb and the 209 is rated at 320 yards of 20lb. Both will require educating your thumb.
    I'm holding a 500 in my avatar pic. Both can be had on ebay for around 30 bucks. My 209 was purchased by my Father at the Navy Exchange in 1962. I remember watching him land a 150+ hammerhead in South TX around 1967. I caught a 108lb Stingray in Islamorada in 1992. My son will use this reel over the Fourth at Kentucky Lake/Dam. It still works flawlessly.

    Hello from the other end of the state,
  4. flathunter

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    I would strongly suggest a 320gto..or a 310 gti.
  5. barbel

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    If you have the money (because they are kind of pricey) I would suggest a Penn 320LD (the LD stands for lever drag, if you didn't know). It is a great reel, and can haul in some big fish. It casts nice and smooth, so long as you keep your thumb on the spool. They cost around $120.00 at Catfish Connection, but worth every penny. If not the 320LD, I would either go with a 320 gti, or the 209. Those are the only ones I have used, so beyond that I cant help you.
  6. peewee williams

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    I have a Penn 345 GTI.It is the level wind that Penn recommends for 30 to 50 lb.mono.600 yds.of 30 lb.to 375 yds.of 50 lb.I have the 30 lb.on it.You should be able to get around 487 yds.of 40 lb.on it.It is a large 5/0 reel that weighs 34 oz.It is mounted on a 7 ft. Daiwa Beef Stick rod rated for 15 to 50 lb.line.I have yet to get to use it.You can shop around on the great Penn web site as it list all of their reels.You did not state your rod rating.I do believe in matching rods and reels to the recommended line sizes.I have 3 in laws and friends from Erwin and Johnson city area visiting me now in S.E.Georgia.They got here just in time for the tropical storm.I surly miss your area and the many wonderful people that I met up there.I married into those Roan Mountain Johnson's and those Lewis's from up on Spivy.I just got off the phone with a friend over on Boone Lake who goes by the name of "Boat Dock"Wish you the best on your decision.peewee-williams
  7. kscathunter

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    I believe the gti and gto reels have the cast brake the gto is reasonably priced catfish connection has the best price I believe.