I'm sittin out this season!

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Wabash River Bear, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Wabash River Bear

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    Went scoutin this weekend at about the only place (public land) I can hunt that aint tied up with DNR draw hunts during the first week. Saw some positive signs. This morning I was in before dawn, had some birds gobble on the roost near by, then silence around 7:00am. What the he!!. :eek:oooh: Had a family of mushroom hunters move in on me! Mom, dad, 1/2 dozen kids, grandma and grandpa. :angry: Jeeze! :confused2: There ought to be some rules about mushroom hunters stayin out of the woods till after 12 oclock during the spring hunt. Untill I can get some private land to hunt I aint goin back to mushroom hunter he!! again. I've been down this road before, busted out by idiots after spendin money on tags. Luckily this year I decided to wait till the day before opening morning to tag up. No need in waisting money untill I can get someplace where I aint gonna be tempted to go off on someone. Maybe the second week will be better after the draw hunts end and open up some more land. Untill then I'm sittin tight at home workin on the boat, and fishin. Good Luck Ya'all!
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    hunting public land can be a real bear. i feel your pain.nothing can describe the feeling after getting up at 4:30 to go get set up on a bird and have non hunters and sometimes hunters move right in on you. i am lucky here in va and have private land to hunt on. i also have 980 acres of hunting club land to hunt on. we only have 20 members and not many turkey hunt. it is getting harder each year to find good land to hunt . good luck on your season when you get started.

  3. massa_jorge

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    i feel your pain! i hunt turkeys, deer and hogs all on public land. it can be a real pain, but stick it out and you'll get in on some good action. it just takes a lot more work!