Im New to Octopus hooks

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    Hey guys I have always used Kahle and J Hooks, but I havent tried the circles and octopus hooks. I have been told that with circles you dont really have to set the hook. I have heard both good and things about them. The octopus style looks good to me and I have thought about trying them this year. Do u have to set the hook with that style and hows everyone's success with octopus hooks?
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    Yes, with the octopus, as I understand it, you do have to set the hook. In fact, I lost what probably would have been my biggest fish yet, because I had a 10/0 octopus on one rod and circles on the other. I sat there and watched the rod load up really good, then picked it up and started reeling. After a few seconds he got off. The only thing that had him hooked was the treble stinger (I was using 1/3 of a gizzard shad for bait), and he straightened it out. It was my fault. Since then, if I have anything different on any rod, I mark it with a brightly colored velcro tie to remind me.
    I normally use circles or kahles, and I've trained myself to let the rod load up real good before I ever pick it up out of the holder. (At least most of the time)

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    Well, in my experience and Gamakatsu's product line, there are two types of octopus hooks: the octopus hook, a J style hook with a turned eye, and an octopus circle hook. Both of them I find work best when snelled, but the octopus circle hooks is the one that doenst need to be set in order to catch fish. I catch plenty of bullheads with 4/0 gamakatsu octopus circle hooks, and have caught some really nice channels on the 8/0 sized ones.


    I personally like the J style better than the circle hooks. I find that fishing with live bait is easier if you are able to set the hook and A) tear the hook through the bait, or B) Crunch the bait down on the hook and get the barb into the fish's mouth that way.

    As for the thing about mixing the hook types and forgetting which one, I can relate to that too. If I have been using more than one type of hook, I get confused like that too. Sometimes I set the hook with the circle, and sometimes I dont with a J hook. Occassionally I get lucky, but I find that if I'm fishing, it's better to use only one type of hook.
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    All I use are Gamakatsu octopus hooks from 7/0 to 10/0. I use polomar knots and use 80# gorilla braid as a leader on a carolina rig with no roll sinkers. Until this combo fails, I will never change it. I guess I will never change it. As for the hooks, there is no other hook I have found that is better for the money, they are the strongest and sharpest also.