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  • No Commercial Sales. This section is intended for items that you have in your possession. If its a business item, “You sell them, make them, the owner is a buddy, you work for the company”, etc ask about advertisement rates. If a listing is pulled, this will normally be the reason why. Staff make all determinations if a listing is commercial in nature.
  • Outdoor related products only, no timeshares, pyramid schemes, affiliate ads, guided trips, etc.
  • A price must be posted with the listing, no make offer listings.
  • Items listed for sale must be in the sellers possession. No listing for 3rd parties.
If the staff pull a listing, consider it pulled. We will not spend countless periods of time e-mailing back and forth explaining why. No written response we could give would be sufficient, and to provide written records only provides fodder for competing forums. We will refund your PayPal Fee.

If you are being sponsored by a company, "tournament fishermen, consignment boats, etc", dont list your products here. Normal USCA Sponsorship is appropriate in these cases.

Buyer and Seller Beware: USE OF SERVICE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

We are not obligated to provide assistance with bad deals. It is at the staff’s discretion to offer assistance with a bad deal. At a minimum, the staff will add the offending seller or buyer to a posted black list and ban the member from

Before you send any money or merchandise, get a physical address not a P.O. Box and a phone number and CALL the other member. If the seller / buyer does not want to give out this information by private mail, or you can not get in contact, do not send any money or merchandise.

Sellers, it is your responsibility to send an item out as soon as possible. One day for shipping is sufficient. You have sold the item, it should be properly boxed, addressed and ready to ship as soon as payment is received and proccessed. It is also your responsibility to PM the buyer to let them know the item has shipped and provide the tracking number.

The cost of insurance and a tracking confirmation is normally only a couple of dollars. This is well worth the cost. Everyone should use it.

When reporting a bad deal, provide the member’s user name (spelled correctly), any contact information you have and all correspondence you have had with them along with a link to the item.

Don’t be stupid. People get ripped off on the internet all the time. If the deal is to good to be true, you cant call the seller or buyer, or you have a gut feeling about the individual, dont send the money or the merchandise. Phone numbers and such can be exchanged via private mail.

The staff reserve the right to modify the rules on the fly. Rules will be modified as loop holes are exploited.


Open e-mails and public posting of phone numbers in public view should be avoided. Simply adding,"Contact me via PM For Direct Contact Details" should be sufficient.

The U.S.C.A. has some super fans in Cyber Space. You being here makes you an interested party of these fans. Your open e-mail / phone number could become a tool used by an organization to cause you grief, which in turn causes us grief.

Example Scenario: You post your e-mail and phone number with a listing.

What They Do: They take your info and post it on a gay website saying I am looking for a hot time, call me immediately for cyber sex. Of course they use a proxy account out of romania and chain it through multiple other proxy servers.

What Happens: You get calls from Wackos

What You Do next: You deduce that this didnt start happening until recently, and remember you just posted your phone number on the U.S.C.A. You make a post, people go crazy paranoid, we spend 3 weeks explaining it away.

It is much more simpler to say, "PM Me For Direct Contact Information" or some other wording. Your choice.


Wanted Request:

When a member post a wanted ad only reply if you have the item in your possession and you are willing to sell it.

Replies posted to wanted ad placements are not Google Races on who can find the item online at alternate locations or a request to start plugging stores, etc.
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