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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by ArmyCatfish, Jan 29, 2008.

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    well here is one more for all the pros here on BOC. by far my new favorite website well about the only one i see a need for. Im lookin for any tips and pointer you guys can give on fishin for Flatheads? Fishin methods from a boat as well as methods for limblines. Thanks All:big_smile:
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    the best advice i could give anyone is "PATIENCE".. if you don't have the patience and the nerve to be able to wait on these fish, and let yourself get frustrated by lack of sucess at times, you will never be very good at catching them. I have never targeted blues, only flats, and channel cats, along with other gamefish such as bass, crappies, etc. Let me say, they are a fish of their own breed. I have never seen a fish that is so unpredictable at times, and just when you think you have them pinpointed, they do something that leaves you wondering where they went. Some other advice you will hear is location. you have to fish waters that have good numbers of flatheads in them. try to target areas that would hold such beasts, eddy areas off of good current, holes, they don't have to be deep. esp. if there is structure associated with them such as timber or rock. ususally these holes are holding zones for flatheads during the warm water months during the daytime. i personally like to target feeding zones and travel areas. baitfish usually are abundant around riffle areas in the summer months. these flatheads will move from their holes up to these shallower areas to feed after dark. i like to sit up somewhere between the two. the river channels are a good travel zone to target also to and from these spots. and the fish will work the banks after dark as they migrate looking for an easy meal. hope this helps some. im sure there will be more responses to help you with tackle and bait ideas for them...goodluck..rollo

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    rollo is 100% right. we have a section just for flatheads both rollo and i along with many boc members have put in good advice and tips you got alot of info there all great wonderfull stuff to get you started on your way:wink: good luck scotty.
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    Murray Ky.
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    Solid advice!!!! That is what works for me.
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    first of all welcome aboard. second of all, this is the place to ask questions and as you have already done that, let me see what i can do to add to what has already been stated. rollo hit the nail on the head. another thing i would like to stress is use the freshest bait you can. flats typically look for nice tasty morsels such as live bluegill, crappie, carp, bullheads, shad,or whatever. i would like to stress that you need to check your state regs before using these as bait. they can also be taken on cut bait, such as cut carp, gill heads, and the like. normally the would preffer live bait, but they can be taken on cut bait a good bit of the time. the key places to look for (as rollor stated) are log jams, timber, brushpiles, rocks, and holes. the holes dont have to be deep, sometimes a 2 ft diffrence in depth will hold them. when the water warms up they become active at night, crusing shallow areas looking for food. if you are river fishing i suggest the outer edges of pools and in the areas stated above. and patience is the key. you arent always going to catch flatties every time you go looking for them, especially if you are just starting. give it time and it will pay off.
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    Jon welcome to the BOC!
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    If you follow this information you can't go wrong bro, and yes it's the same as on the Altamaha river.
    like I said before if you wont to set limb lines in that river in the summer you better bring your own trees bro.LOL
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    Good advice for all yellow cat fishermen to follow.

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    Thats the best advice i would say to start with. These are the techniques i use.
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    my advice is to spend as much time as possible reading the articles on this web site. I've spent years since the original b.o.c. learning from the brothers and made me the fisherman that i am today. If there is a question that hasn't been answered on this site i would truly be surprised