I'm down and out Family,I need a lift!!

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    You know we all have days when ya just need someone to talk too. If you have a good relationship with your neighbor you can say "Hey how'bout you and I go up here to the corner store,cafe,(You supply your favorite small town's eating and drinking establishment) and have (you supply your beverage choice) just to have someone to talk too. It helps to get your cares and worries off your mind. Now I have a wonderful grandmotherly type of neighbor but it's 4:30 AM little early to call ya know,so I'll just type.

    I would ask for prayers but I understand some of ya's arn't the prayin type,so I'll just ask to talk with ya. Understanding of course that I have to do alot of typing.

    Ya know, I'm 48 and I don't know but all of a sudden my health has decided to head South for the Winter.It's just packin it's bags as we speak. Now please don't get me wrong,things could be so much worse and I Thank God that it's not any worse than what it is. My first gripe and yes it's a gripe is I feel I am too young to be having these difficulties. I can't hardly walk,when I get in a sitting position I literally HOLLAR trying to stand back up. Went and had the tests done. Turns out I have a bad back. I have two herniated disks and it MIGHT be the culprit as to why I have pain in both my knee's due to nerves that could right now be smashed on by the herniated disks.

    It's very depressing when you look at your teenage daughters,and know in your heart that they have Crip One and Crip Two for parents. They know Mom and Dad are both taking heavy pain killers,so alot of school activities well all school activites that they go too,I'm not present and neither is Dad. Pain won't let us. I have to wait until Nov 12TH to see my new doctor( I changed doctors) as he went on Vacation.So he'll look at me he said first thing when he gets back.Look at me to tell me what Specialists and where they're located at.

    I just needed to get it off my chest,Steve has alot of worries in regards to me. He told me a littlw while ago he wished so bad he could just put me in the truck and head North for Heny Mayo Clinics. I'd like to know on whose money?But Bless his heart for caring that much.

    Well Honey(my Husband) has just served my breakfast. I have Bacon and Eggs with Hashbrowns and toast with Blackberry jam. He is always telling me eat while it's hot as he has never really cared for cold food.

    Hey!! Just wanted to hollor at ya. Seems like it's bad news frequently that I talk about. For that I sincerely and humbly apologize. Maybe one of these days real soon I can give ya all some super good news. God Willing anyway.

    Love to you all ~~~~~Sister Pat:sad2:
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    Randolph, Nebraska
    Hang in there Pat.

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    Howdy Pat...I wrote ya a email about a week ago. I think you had a Monday doctor appointment back then. Anyway I see that they found out what's wrong. I know its gotta be hard but ya just gotta try your best to keep your chin up. I'm a firm believer that if your hurt and depressed on top of that it makes it worse. As far as the kids situation goes, do you guys have a relatives that brings the kids to activities ? I know you would like to be there but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I tell ya what if lived closer I would come by for some of Steve's yummy breakfast and coffee ; )~
    Hang in there Sister and lets see what the next doctor says. My prayers are always with you and Steve, and we all love ya too : )

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    Pat I agree with JimmyJonny. Hang in there sis. I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya~~~~~~~~Trisha
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    I hear you on health heading south.

    My wife of 37 years has had trouble with her feet and ankles. I have seen her have to crawl down the hall in the morning because she could not stand up. [ She is only young 56 ] She had been seeing a fancy foot doctor and has special supports in her shoes. Well that stuff only has helped so much.

    At the county fair this year in July, we were walking threw one of those commercial buildings, and they had some chiropractors set up giving free back checks. Well I have tubes coming out my back from my kidneys, so as a joke, I thought lets see if this quack can figure out why my back is sore. Every once in a while I get stupid and this was one of those times. They checked me and my wife.

    To make a long story short, they did x rays on my wifes back and started treating her feet and ankles. She sees the guy a couple times a week, but I have not seen her crawl down the hall in months. She doesnt enter any marathons, but she is deffenitly better. They told me to see them when ever I got rid of the tubes. lol lol

    I started with this doctor BS in 2005, because by accident, they found out I had bladder cancer. This is the third year they are trying to get me and my body working right. I go to the University of Chicago Hospital, so I'm not dealing with quacks, and they still have problems with me. They are going to cut and gut me again on Nov. 5th. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Darn it when they do that, it hurts. Thank God for morafine. I'll be sore for 6 months or better.

    So what I'm saying is "Hang In There Woman", and keep your mind open to all types of treatment. I would have never thought a chiropractor would work on my wife. She had been suffering for years. Mind you she is not perfect, but she is better. And that is a GOOD Thing.

    I'll keep you in my prayers.

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    TX Panhand
    Hey Pat, here comes prayers from Texas to you all. Hang in there and things will be getting better for all of you I know.
    God Bless,
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    As you know Pat i have constant pain in one leg, some days its bad, some days its not so bad. At the V.A. clinic i met a man with no legs. I see him once a month when i go for a checkup, ive learned to be thankful for that pain. Hang in there Pat!!!
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    Hi Pat!!!! Well Dog-Gone-It, Sis I'm Sure Sorry Your Old back is causing You problems.I know at the National last year You were having to use 2 canes to help walk.I Sure Hope the New Doctor can get the back Fixed.I Think of You and Your Family Often,You will remain in My Prayers.God Bless,and HANG in there Girl.Your Friend J.D.
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    Hang in there... Believe me, I have suffered to the point that I had to crawl up the steps in my house, but God healed me--and He will do the same for you!

    Just be careful with those painkillers. The new ones out there are very dangerous. They are extremely addictive, they cause pain themselves when their immediate effects wear off (rebound effect), and they really depress you. I have had a couple friends commit suicide directly resulting from painkillers--both were good Christians with great families.

    You're in my prayers, Sister Pat!
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    South Carolina
    Sorry to hear you're down Pat. You are right, I'm not much the praying type - at least not for myself - but I've sent along my prayer for you. I sure hope you are feeling better soon. Keep your chin up.
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    north alabama
    iam sorry for your pain ,but belive me i understand sometimes theses boxs are all you have . you have a good honey and i know where he comes from my wife is only 28 andher health isnt the best in the world.but iam in it for the long haul just like yours better or worse.we will be thinking of you
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    First and foremost let me assure you all that Suicide is never gonna happen. I don't believe God would be very understanding if I did that. He says to trust Him and that's what I am trying very hard to do. After the way I have raised my girls Mercy Me!!! That would never ever do to leave them behind with that action which is stupid to have to contend with. Splitshot you're such a dear. Thank You for telling me about the man with no legs,you are right we may hurt but at least we have our legs. Poor dear spending his life in a wheelchair,yes we do have many blessings from God. Poor Boy November 5Th more surgery,here I am complaining when I should be thinkin about you. My prayers for you and your wife will commense imediately. JimmyJohnny, my relatives all have lives of their own so no they don't offer to help out. Sis does once in a very great while but she has Grandkids and another one on the way plus a full time hospital job so not much help from family. I know you are all thinking and caring about me so I will keep ya posted. This tore into my fishin big time and that does tend to tee me off. I got fishihg to do folks serious fishin and I'm going to if the Good Lord Be Willing. I care so much for all you guys. Tell ya what, I got to see MMR the other day as he was travelin thru my part of Missouri. We met up in a Conoco Gas Station and had a Coke with him. He was on a long road trip so didn't get to see him too long but when it was time to part company, We hugged I kissed his cheek and had to turn away fast cause I knew them darn tears was comin. When He left I got in our vehickle and man I broke down. My husband said " Geez you are really close to these BOC folks!!" My Answer? YES I AM!! I love all of you so very much. You are Family.November 5Th is Steve's Court Day against the Railroad. Man oh Man it's a jury trial,He has one of the Best in the Business Attorneys. Can we all form a Cheer Team like they have at Football and BasketBall Games. He has to leave on Friday and be gone the entire weekend with the Trial on Mondays. He has no idea if the trial will last one day or three days,but I know we have to win!! Our day has come,it's our time to finally have a home and some things in life that are decent. I'm not askin for anything real fancy just some things that we never really had before.The kids deserve to have some things after what all they've been drug through. We just want a home and a lil piece of land to put it on,and especially a sign that says Powell Family all BOC members Welcome. Just come on in kick your shoes off, I'll make sure the coffee is Hot,and if ya need an overnighter well I want a spare bedroom to put visitors up in and a living room big enough that others can bed down in their sleeping bags. Well...........Guess I've typed enough I love each and everyone of you Brothers and Sisters sincerely from the heart. Have a wonderful day~~~~~Sister Pat:big_smile::wink:
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    hang in there pat you never know what tomorrow could bring
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    I hope things get better for you Pat. You and Steve and the kids are great people and were all pulling for you.
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    Pat hang in there...and draw off of your faith...it'll get better.

    I'm going through pain in my knee as well...got a severe sprain or a torn ACL...and I'm off work as a result....have been for 13 days now.

    Bills are piling up...haven't got in to the Ortho doc yet...tomorrow is the day...therefore I haven't gotten my sickness/accident pay paperwork completed yet.

    HOPEFULLY I get released tomorrow to go back to work and they hurry up with that back pay...(it's not nearly as much as what I earn at work...but $70 a day is better than nothing)...the creditors don't care what your excuse is...that's fer shure!

    Sorry to hear of your pain...I had to stop taking my pain med sbecause it makes me sick to my stomach...and makes me itch like theres a nest of ants crawling all over me....AAAARRRG! It drives me crazy!

    I'd rather just take an Advil and deal with it's insufficient ability to cancel all of the pain.

    Once again...hang in there...you'll be in our prayers.

  16. 223reload

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    Hang in there,Pat. I also live with constant back pain. So far I deal with it and just keep on ,but I know someday I may have to get serious about it ,till then I just try not to think about it ,less it really hurts. I hope you can find relief .
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    I'll give you another.. hang in there Pat. Your not old, my mother was your age when I was born. Things will get better. :big_smile:
  18. bud1110

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    East Texas
    Sister Pat,

    I'm sorry to hear about all your pain and also your Husbands pain. Keep the Faith that GOD will not only heal you both, but pour out many Blessings your way.

    We serve an AWESOME GOD who is the Master of ALL things. You being a Christian understand this. It's so easy to get depressed when your in constant pain, and can't do the things you used to do. You know that if GOD leads you to it, he will lead you Through it.

    Our wants are not as important as our needs, and GOD supply's those without fail. I pray for a positive thing to happen in your Husbands Trial. I also pray that GOD will pour out his Blessings upon you and your Family. and open doors that were previously closed to you..

    You and your Family are in our Prayers...
  19. MRR

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    Well Pat it was good to see you and Steve again also.Sorry we couldn't of stayed long but like you said had a long trip ahead of us.
    Hang in there things have got to get better for you health wise.
    Prayers said for you and for things to go in Steve's favor in Nov. Looking forward to you all getting that place your dreaming about and I'm gonna take you up on the Hot Coffee.God Bless and we all Love You too.
  20. fish

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    Pat, you and your family have been through a lot and are still going through a lot, but God is still with you, carrying you. He will never leave or forsake you sis. That is His promise and He keeps all His promises. We are sure sorry that your burdens are heavy and will continue to pray for you and Steve and the girls.