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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by AllenM, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. AllenM

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    Well, it's been some time since I was on these boards, and i sure have missed you all!

    Been trying and trying to get my family back on it's feet for the past year, and for the past year my girl did everything in her power to make sure that the LEAST important bills were taken care of first, among other seemingly sabotage oriented activities, and the other day we had our final blow out over it when faced with a 2nd eviction in one year.

    Ladies and gents, I'm DONE! I'm out of there now, at her suggestion (although I'm currently under the impression it was intended as a bluff and that she's now somewhat floored that I quickly agreed to "...just go find someplace else to live!" when she shouted it in the middle of our last arguement over how she is prioritizing the income and outflow of our money, NONE of which was she actually bringing in, by the way.

    When someone decides that cable needs to be paid before the tags or insurrance on the family car, something is WRONG!!

    Anyhow, I made sure there was enough to stop the eviction she was looking down the barel of so the kids and her will have a place to stay for the rest of the month at least, and shouldn't have trouble now getting state aid with me no longer "making too much money" as she tells me that they claimed whe she finally got off her duff and applied for help (2 months after she was supposed to have gone down and done it, mind you!). I plan on making sure that I look after the boys financially and keep tabs on what is going on over there for their sake, but beyond that, she's on her own and I'm free of the whole dang mess!

    Of course you all know what THIS means, right??

    I can FINALLY get the finances organized in a logical manner and have something left when the bills are paid in order to GO FISHIN'!!

  2. dankitch

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    Welcome back Allen. All I can say is been there done that with my ex-wife. It was a hell I don't want to go through again!

  3. pk_powell

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    First of all I'm sorry to hear of another home that is broken,especially where kids are involved. Second thing thing,I'm sorry your women didn't know her place.That is the fact,she was to walk beside you,not ahead of you or behind you.Women are to help their mates,and they are allowed to help with discussion of financial matters and things regarding the family but you being the man was to be the one with the final word and she should have went along with your final word. Man was not created to be alone,he is suppose to have a woman with him to be his helper.I'm very sorry about your experience butplease don't give up on us! There are women out there that truly believe and know their place in a male/female relationship (marriage) take some time to get things settled down and you might find one. Then again,what you have done might possibly have scared her enough to make her realize her mistakes and strive to do better and ya all get back together! If she truly loves you she'll bust her hindend to straighten up and get your family back together. I totally agree that paying cable before paying lights, rent, insurance, there is most definitely something wrong. I also am totally in agreement about making sure she is doing the kids right. They are innocent in all of this,and if she doesn't straighten up she is being a bad example to them.Then we wonder why the kids grow up and do bad things and finally wind up behind bars. I firmly believe it's because of the way they were raised. Had no good examples for them to live by! I must say once again I am truly sorry and I hope things get better for all concerned!:sad2:
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    Four Oaks, NC
    I had a useless excuse once. I still remember the best birthday present I ever gave myself too. I went fishing when the dust settled.
    About 3 days later.:big_smile:
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    Wedgefield, SC
    Hey dude, nothing will help all the feelings except time. just take care of the kids as they tend to be caught in middle. I been there last year or so thats why I left state job and crawled back into truck.
    take care of yourself and know that others understand.
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    danville virginia
    welcome back bro...i also have had a long length of absence from the BOC due to a few problems that needed fixing but i am glad to report that i'm back in the saddle again
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    Akron, Ohio
    Gooood to see ya back Allen!!

  8. AllenM

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    Well, no sign of remorse on her part, and just as well IMHO... Somehow she's got it in her head that I didn't listen to her enough or something, and while towards the end there may even have been SOME factuality to that, it's sorta hard to keep listening when what is constantly coming outa someone's mouth just doesn't make any dang sense, no matter HOW MANY TIMES you ask for clarification!!

    Anyhow, back when I stopped fishing and got away from all things fishing related for lack of money to partake in them, I was at the point of trying to figure out how to get through all the red tape involved in getting on dissability since I was diagnosed as bipolar with anxiety disorder while living up north. All her promises to help see me through the process fell by the way side and when they yanked her job out from under her up there and we lost everything she flipped the coin and retracted all of her support regarding the matter and decided that I HAD to get a job. Well, I went out and got one, been at it a few months, and am back where I started... Underemployed in a field dealing with people all day long on the phones and trying not to have an anxiety attack when I'm stuck on a particularly bad call (which averages out to be about every 2nd or 3rd call!).

    Since I got out of there I'm staying with a friend who lives with his mom and takes care of her (she's in a wheel chair) and she's got conenctions since she used to work for the governement, so she's getting the papers together and gonna walk me through to process, and my buddy is gonna help make sure I get to any appointments with mental health so we can get state dissability pushed through ASAP. After that we'll look at tackling federal dissability, but I'm prolly gonna just go through an agency with lawyers on staff for that rather than try to fight through it on my own again and get denied for some BS excuse like they gave before. got another friend who has been trying for a year and a half to get hers pushed through with the feds, and been approved, then run through a temporary denial for "quality assurrance", approved again, then kept waiting for another 5 months for the check they said they were ghonna send, and recently got another denial letter out of the clear blue sky for no clear reason! Now she is getting a lawyer, so I'm gonna just start out with one and avoid what she's gone through!! Wish me luck!!

    Hopefully at some point in the near future I'll be able to get my '07 fishing license and go get a dang line wet!! :)
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    GC, OHIO
    Allen it sure is nice to see ya back to posting bro. Sorry to hear about the problems you are still going through but I wish ya luck and will pray for ya hoss.