I'm back- and you better believe that I missed you all!

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    What I did on my summer Vacation::cool2:

    The Back Story:
    Work got a hold of me some time in the end of July and told me that I was eligible for an entire month's paid vacation... with conditions. I had to take it all at one time, I had to do it quick, and I could not call-in, check work email, or stop in during my time off. The policy was that I had to have a month off AWAY from work to reset myself and to come back as a "new employee". This applies to anyone full-time who is there, and it must be done every 4 years by anyone employed by the place I work for. :tounge_out:

    SO I LEFT.

    The first few days I went and drove the state of Michigan with my wife and a buddy. We went to Detroit's Science museum and the IMAX dome theatre, toured Eastern Market, and hung out on the campuses of a few unnamed Big Ten Schools, eating ethnic food and being silly in public.

    Then I went to Alaska....

    I went fishing on the Kenai Peninsula with my dad, my grandfather, and my older brother. WE HAD A RIOT. We spent 6 days there and didnt sleep more than a few hours a night. We caught a LOT of fish, including one 5 hour spell where I ALONE landed 31 sockeye Salmon, lost another 20, boated 2 Pinks, and caught the 2nd largest river-run Rainbow Trout our guide had seen since he started guiding in 1980. It was 28 1/2 inches. GOOD LORD!

    We had 6 days of fun that all pretty much sound like the one I just described. I ate only alaskan stuff- salmon, halibut, muskox, moose, caribou, and salmon and salmon and smoked salmon and salmon sausage and salmon. lol... thats all them buggers eat up there. That and beer and berries. Theyre like grizzlies. LOL

    Upon my return I had to do a day of yard work... cause the lawn wasnt gonna cut itself... BUT the next 2 days were spent fishing gills and crappie, and the two aftere that were spent at an outdoor expo, working for the family game ranch.


    Prior to my leaving, BOC Member and generally awesome guy "Bwanatony" and I agreed that we needed a night on the grand on his boat. Had to have it. It was a must.
    We met a few other fellas and headed out in some chilly and sometimes rainy conditions, and after a delicious jambalaya dinner hat Tony made for us, I finally got my vacation Flathead. It was a smidge over 7 lbs... 7.2 or something... and it bit on a gill at 11:00ish in exactly the spot Tony said it ould bite. After some photos, the lil girl went back in the water and we stayed around to drown some more bait till the middle of the night.


    Yep- Still had plenty of vacation left in me so my wife Elena and I went out at 1:15am and drove 15 hours to New York. Let me say this about New York Driving. You dont need your hands at all. Everyone drives using a series of screamed expletives and a single middle finger. (I felt like Eddie Murphy in "Coming To America".... standing on a balcony WAY OUT OF PLACE and trying to fit into culture by screaming, "Yes! F--- You TOO!!!") ROTFL... The place is nuts. We drove right through the city to the middle of Long Island in rush hour traffic. 2 freaking hours, 6 cups of coffee and a sore middle finger later we were in the basement of my cousin's house eating canolis and playing with her two toddlers... which was a nice break from the noise of the city. (LOL)

    The following day we went to Times Square. Its like a carnival, minus the fun, but with 2000 carnies and 50,000 japanese and chinese tourists... and a hot dog stand.

    On the way to Times Square, we were walking through Penn Station, rubbing hand sanitizer on ourselves so many times Dean Martin would have caught a buzz shaking my hand, and I noticed all the men in the station were drinking beer. YEA BEER! I bought one. I figured that since Im on vacation and I am not driivng a 22 oz can would lighten my mood. Up the steps we went out into the Times Square air. 4 steps out of the station a cop comes up to me, snatches th beer from my hands and demands I get my hands in the air and give him some ID. 4 steps out of the station!

    It turns out that you can drink like a fish under ground in public, but as soon as you reach the choking air of the streets, you cant drink in public or you get a BIG ticket... which they call a "summons" there. I talked the cop out of busting me, pitched the brew (sigh) and walked the city for 2 hours with the wife, stopping here and there for local goodies- NY pizza, some pictures, chocolate from the Hershey Store, and of course some ungodly delicious meat on a stick that they cook on the sidewalk. Possibly rat... who knows, but it was well seasoned, whatever it was.


    If anyone tells you that theyre taking you to "The Village", be rest-assured that the food will be good and the women will not be women. I finally saw a buxom blonde that was taller than my wife when we got out there. come to find out that she was all "aftermarket parts"... her package gave away "her" secret. :crazy: Amazingly I was able to overlook this fact and retain my apetite for Thai food.


    Two days was all I could take of the city. I am a wide-open-space guy, and the city.... well with 9 million people living in each other's arm pits its hard to catch a breath without inhaling a japanese tourist. We drove 3 hours north out of the city to see my aunt. Got rest and lots of family time for 2 days, then went to the Adirondacks to camp out. After a few nights there, we tried the Catskill. After 4 nights there we tried another place that ends in "kill", which I cannot remember. Good Kill, whatever it was. There were so many "kill" places... catskill, fishkill, wallkill... no wonder why new yorkers are so uptight: the most beautiful gorges are named to remind them of their mortality. The only other names I remember of towns and places where because I could not pronounce them from their road signs... "Schenectady" is a good example. That and a hilarious little town named (and Im serious, you can look it up) "Coxsackie". You know what they say about coxsackie.... A couple can get married based on their visits to Coxsackie, but it all comes to an end when the honeymoon is over. ROTFL!!!!!!!!:big_smile:

    We then left for Buffalo... or "Buffalkill" as we decided it ought to be named. It is amazing when you're putting 3000 miles on a car the things a couple deems as funny: like calling eveny town "kill", or my anouncement when we passed Seneca, New York, that there is no need for a women's right's national wildlife refuge when women can just as easily celebrate their freedoms in front of the stove waiting for pie... a humorous comment not shared by my road partner/wife. New York sure is pretty, especially at 80 miles an hour. I know you're gonna be mad cause I was speeding on the turnpike, but it was my $11.80 dangit and I spent it how I saw fit... quickly and expeditiously.

    NIAGRA FALLS.... Slowly I turn... Step By Step.... Inch by Inch:

    We got to Niagra and were planning on blowing through town and using canada as a 6 hour shortcut to Detroit when it hit me... Some day if I dont stop here now, Im gonna have to drive all the way back here. I dont know what made me think of Niagra in this manner, but I am pretty sure it was not the man within so much as the man "potentially without". Im sure the sleepy new york town mentioned a few paragraphs above had a lot to do with it. Either way I was there, so we got a room, booked a tour for the next morning, and went out for a big japanese dinner. Why Japanese? Because everyone there spoke japanese or French and I wasnt about to spend my good American money on a crossaint when Ive spent the last 3 years religiously watching Iron Chef and wondering what all the dang fuss is about sashimi, uzu, and Masahara Morimoto. It was excellent. I ate a squid the size of my head... with chopsticks... and washed it down with sake. Sake very good.. sake and squid in niagra... delicious! And it comes with a free samurai sword exhibition on your bank account! Wise choice, Daniel-san.

    The tour was the tour... but the falls were SPECTACULAR. I dreamed of fishing salmon right there.

    All in all it was a month of excess. A month of ridiculous indulgence. A month of spending like Ive never known- and worth every second and every penny.
    I know you all are going to say I should have been among my brothers and sisters at the national Gathering. Dont think I didnt try to swing it. Up until the Adirondack Mountains, I was planning on leaving early and heading to KY for a surprise visit. But when I got up there and started breathing tha cool mountain air I went into R&R mode and had to stay.

    Plus I was with my family- Family I dont see often who live in New York and pretty much kept me cost free. As a matter o fact, we pulled everything up to Niagra off on under 220 dollars. Niagra cost just as much. Who would pass up a chance at a month touring NY for under 500? See what I mean? :confused2:

    So, although I have been gone a month, I used my time wisely, had some GREAT BIG BIG laughs with family and my wife, and have pictures and a lifetime of memories to show for it.

    Ladies and Gents... I did miss ya all though this though. It is nice to pop back in here after a month and hit the ground running. It is nic to have recieved the notes and Personal messages at home and in here that I was missed. Believe me when I say I did miss the lot of ya too. And Im happy to be back on the BOC.

    God Bless. :wink:

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    Great Story Sal, looks like you had a ton of fun. Sorry about the beer, LMAO.

    Nice to have ya back, hope that break for work did ya some good.

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    Ithaca, MI
    Here are a few pics from Alaska and one of the flathead I got fishing with BOC Member "Bwanatony".

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    Holy smokes sal, sounds like you had a grand time!!

    I was wonderin when yer wanderin vacation would be over.

    Glad to have ya back!
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    Sal, thanks for sharing your vacation with us. Glad to see you back finally! It sounds like you had an awesome time!

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    man, i gotta tell you i love reading roadtrip stories. that one was great. its amazing you got a paid vacation for a month! alaska mustve been great! i might be going there this coming summer. im glad you had such a great time. i love the pictures. post some more!

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    You were gone? LOL! Good to see ya,ya bum! LOL!
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    Sal, thanks for the pictures and story. It sounded like you had a great time. Only 4 more years to the next one.:smile2:
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    Thanks that was great. And sounds like it will take at least 6 weeks back at work to get over it all. LOL
    Glad you had a great trip.
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    You sir are an Excellent writer,I could actually visulize it as I read. Sorry about the cop thing but a big thank you for the funny parts of your story,I had to laugh and I always appreciate it when someone makes me laugh!--Pk Powell:lol:
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    I still gave ya thanks George.... I said I missed the BOC as a whole- Curmudgeons with a hair-gravity battle going on and all. :eek:oooh:

    Here's another look at pics.

    One is me and the onlything uglier than a flathead- a sockeye salmon.

    The second is a glacier... and to give you a bit of the scale of the picture you're looking at and the mountains of alaska, the glacier is 3 miles wide from side to side.

    The third is me and woody allen chatting at a table.

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    Sal: Welcome back brother. Sounds like a fantastic trip. The pics were great, just not enuf of them.
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    Wonderful to have you share your story. And i know what the miles can do to a person we recently traveled 3000 miles. :lol:

    You came off real well with under $500 in New York. You sound like you had a wonderful time.

    Thanks for posting the pix also. Glad you're back on the BOC!!
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    Great story, now all you have to do is convince the company to do it every 3 years:smile2:
  15. Cheryl

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    Wow thanks for sharing with us, Sal.

    My first ? is, couldn't you find anyone else to talk to in NY, besides Woody Allen? :lol: (Hope he's not kin, too)

    Be sure and check out BG's biker chick post you missed. I just bumped it to the top for you. Have a laugh on BG.

    Take care and welcome back.
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    Ithaca, MI
    I sure coulda taken pics with other famous people... and I did.

    If wody allen doesnt grab ya then how bout Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane? Heck.. I got a ton of celeb photos. Its amazing what they can do at Madam Toussaud's!!! ROTFL

    Here is me and the wife and Fidel Castro.

    Ok... the joke is up.... its all wax museum stuff. ROTFL

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    Welcome back and thanks for the awesome update. Sounds like the vacation of a lifetime.
  18. Dano

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    Welcome back Sal. Site didn't seem the same without ya.
    A month Vacation every 4 years might be a good ideal for all Co.'s.
    Glad you had a good time while off from work.
    Bet you feel like a new man.

    And thanks for sharing the pic's
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    Hey Sal, Glad you're back. Thanks for the report and the pictures.

    That ugly 'sockeye' fish looks like it needs a little Gold Bond or some diaper rash ointment or something. EEeeewww!

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    Too cool, Sal. You certainly know how to weave a story web, making it amusingly entertaining, interesting, and informative all at the same time, bro! That was one awesome month! Thank you for sharing YOUR family experiences/pictures with our BOC family! We are very glad to have you back, but equally happy that you had so much fun while you were gone. :big_smile: (National was GREAT, you better be there next year!!!)